Star Wars Bronze Rings – They are Spectacular!

Don’t you think it’s getting a bit too much? I mean every other thing you see has a Star Wars theme to it. Whether they are chess boards or rings, all are about Star Wars.

Well, I guess that’s when we say that the film has been highly successful. Although it is rated as the 12th highest grosser of all time, I personally believe it to be the number one. The reason for that is simple – it has been so many years, yet people are still caught up with Star Wars characters and themes. Think about it, after 1000 years from now, people would find such stuff as treasures, and they would believe that this must have been the most famous movie of all time!

Let’s get to the description of these rings:

Darth Vader Bronze Ring:

Spooky as the character itself! Remember the movie Phantom of Billy Zane and his ring? That’s exactly how this ring looks like. Although many Star Wars fans would really hate me of comparing the Darth Vader Ring to Phantom’s, I can’t help it because it looks so similar.

Boba Fett Bronze Ring:

This one is better, actually. It does look unique, and unlike the Darth Vader ring, it does neither look like Phantom’s ring nor does it look like a hardcore guitarist’s ring. It is simple and very well-crafted. To be honest, it actually looks like a ring of an alien, which I guess serves the purpose the best way!

Description of both rings:

The Boba Fett ring is available at a price of $13, whereas the Darth Vader ring is for $15. I think the price difference is purely because the Darth Vader one looks like it required more work to finish the details. Both the rings are designed and made by hand with the use of pure bronze. The inner diameter of both rings in standard form is 20 mm but it can be increased or decreased on request. For that, of course you would need to pay an additional $2.50.

The bottom line:

Cool rings for Star Wars fans and the best part is that they don’t look kiddish like most of the Star Wars stuff.

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