Reflector Tie is a Bright Idea

This interesting reflector tie looks normal in daylight, but also doubles as a reflector when you’re biking at night, as an additional safety measure.

I’m not sure of how well it would work in practice, but at least it still looks good as a novelty item or a regular tie. Orange is a bit of quirky and outlandish colour for men’s business apparel, yet the standard diagonal stripes and the neutral greys in the tie pose no threat. It’s certainly not a tacky tie by any means, and you could definitely wear this to work unless there happens to be a specific dress code regarding the sort of tie you can wear.
reflector tie 1

Though you might see this tie and think it wouldn’t have a lot of safety perks since it’s right on front of your chest, I think it does provide some interesting benefits. First, reflectors only work at a certain angle of light, so the standard bike reflectors won’t work in every situation. Since the tie is made of a flexible material, it can be seen in different lights.

Plus, since it’s a large design that’s much higher up than the reflector, you become more visible to cars if you happen to be riding close behind them. Not all bike accidents involve cars hitting the biker from behind or while passing them; I think people underestimate the danger of a car braking suddenly, or the lack of visibility when bikes are turning at an intersection.
reflector tie 2
Of course, you should always have tail lights and headlights if you happen to be a frequent night traveler, it’s just a general safety habit. After all, cars turn on their headlights at night (and often during the day too), and they provide a bit more padding in the case of a collision than a bike might offer.

But it never hurts to have an extra bit of security, so I think this tie would be a good investment in the end. Plus, it’s so stylish that you could wear it just for fun even if you’re not a biker. Also, if you like frequenting night clubs, this might be an interesting piece to bring out. You’ll look like you’re dressed for business as you enter, but once inside and the lights make the orange light up, you’ll be ready to tear up the dance floor.

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Via: Oh Gizmo!