Angry Birds T-Shirts Won’t Save Your Eggs are Cool

If you’re one of the thousand fanatics who have downloaded the Angry Birds game for your phone or iPad you may want to show your support with these shirts. The game, as you no doubt know, is a little like the three little pigs story.  A group of pigs have stolen the eggs from a flock of birds.  That particular theft has resulted in the “angry” adjective that gets put at the beginning of the title.  The pigs have holed up in different “fortresses” including wood, glass, and stone. Players launch the Angry Birds at the structure using a slingshot – in hopes of destroying the pigs’ defenses and retrieving the eggs. Angry Birds fans, may be interested in the Angry Birds iPhone cases that we reviewed a while back; or, the Angry Birds Plush Toys. Needless to say, there is plenty out there to show your support for and utter infatuation with this game. If you have yet to play Angry Birds, you can find it at the iTunes Store – but you may become addicted, I warn you.  The game originally hit the market in 2009, and was produced by the Finnish company Rovio, for an initial development cost of 100,000 Euros.  By February of 2010, Angry Birds was the top grossing app on iTunes UK store.  The puzzle-based game has received great reviews from a variety of sources, including MacWorld and Pocket Gamer. These shirts are another great holiday gift idea for the geek in your life.  The popularity of the game and other related products has been so great that I would anticipate seeing more Angry Birds related swag in the near future.  Why not get in on the ground floor.  Fight the Pigs! Support the Birds! The shirts are available in both children and adult sizes and run about $12, via Spreadshirt.  Some shirts feature specific Angry Birds characters, while others depict the game logo.  All shirts are 100% cotton and slim fitting.  Choose your design and show your support for this infamous app.  Wearing one of these shirts will also prove your geek status.  No doubt.  Definite Geek Street Cred. Via: Geeky Gadgets