Google Chrome can now run Android Apps on PCs

Google has been hard at work to make Android apps available on Chrome OS, but a hacker took advantage of this functionality, and now apps can be used on the browser itself.


Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) has allowed some clever users to revolutionize the app world, and thanks to the brains, hacks and ideas of software developer Vlad Filippov (known online as Vladikoff) even the regular Google Chrome browser can run any app. What this means is that now users get to use their favorite apps on desktop and laptop computers all around the world.


This Chrome modification is called ARChon, and requires at least Chrome 37 set in Developer mode to work. Users only need to install ARChon as a Chrome extension, and then run the apps from there. It sounds more complicated than it is, and users interested in this only have to refer to YouTuber FuturGamerX’s tutorial to see exactly how it works. Although the narration is in Spanish, the instructions are crystal clear.

Vladikoff’s ARChon is, obviously, not available in the Chrome store but can be acquired for free at his GitHub page. Keep in mind, this project is incredibly recent and new, so expect bugs, crashes and program failures as the internet irons out the code. For starters, apps that require Google Play services (for example, Twitter) are not usable just yet, but this door has just opened, and who knows what else is coming.

Via Technabob

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