Bizarre Grass Sandals for the Offbeat Geek

Those who can afford to have a lawn in their garden would agree to the fact that there is nothing better than walking around barefoot on the grass.

Those of us who can’t afford such luxuries can try a pair of Grass Sandals that actually have grass on the area where you keep your feet. Only, the grass isn’t real but is very close to the real deal and absolutely feels so. KUSA Shoes have unveiled their Garden Sandals that can apparently be even worn on the beach. It is difficult to understand why anybody would want to feel as if they are walking on the grass, instead of on the sand which does not feel bad anyway.

However, if you are trying to show how avant-garde and bizarre you can sometimes be, this might be a great way to start your mission. One can only imagine how difficult it must be to clean these sandals when they accumulate dust, sand, stones and grime. These sandals are the kind of stuff that we buy on a whim and never look at them again. If you are however looking for that moment of excitement which is typical of weird and offbeat purchases, these sandals would surely help you experience that.

Moreover, if you are someone who has been trying to show off how eco-friendly and green you are, you can tell the world that you are very green indeed, with the help of these sandals. If you paired them with a matching green outfit, you would probably look like a walking toxic machine that’s been let loose on the streets. You could also go ahead and take a look Chewbacca Slipper, which are great for Star Wars fans. If you are fond of gross practical jokes, these Smelly Slippers could be a great way to pull your roommate’s leg.