12 Kick Ass Marvel Girls Art

I guess it depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting on when it comes to comic books, Marvel or DC, but I’ve always found myself falling in love with a different Marvel Girl, especially those related to the X-Men titles, each and every week. Here are some of the more kick-ass ladies the stable has to offer.


Kind of a softer, more attractive version of Wolverine. Art by Shawn Yap.


Forget about the annoying Jennifer Garner version. Elektra’s much cooler inside the comic book pages. Art by Nuno Plati.

Black Widow

Suddenly extremely popular, thanks to the movies and especially Scarlett Johansson. Art by Phil Noto.


Currently serving time as a superhero. Not sure how long that’ll last. Art by Stephen Mooney.


The young sister of the X-Men’s Colossus, with a magical, mystical twist to her. Art by Meghan Hetrick.

Emma Frost

The sexiest member of the X-Men, Utopia version, and probably the entire Marvel Universe.

With Jean Grey

Cyclops’ heart split in two. Art by J. Scott Campbell.


The Marilyn Manson of the Marvel universe. Art by Clayton Crain.


Queen, Avenger, X-Woman. Never shy of adding another title to her cause. Art by Leinil Yu.

Sif Fighting the Enchantress

Jean Grey

Art by Artgerm.

Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel

Art by Sebastian von Buchenwald.

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