Medieval Iron Man Completed Full Armor

Of all the different real-life takes on the Iron Man armor, the Prince Armory giving him a shiny, stunning medieval look might be the best.

Made from leather and brass, Iron Man’s suit looks like something an invincible knight would wear. There’s something oriental about the carvings and additions, with the sides of the head looking dragon or reptilian like, which fits very well with the overall tone and look of this creation.

They call this creation two things: Medieval Iron Man but also Asgardian Iron Knight, making Tony Stark part of Thor’s world, if he dons this suit. It works as an excellent backstory for anyone using this in Cosplay.

Asgardian Iron Man Completed Full ArmorPrince Armory make costumes and prop designs for films, TV Shows as well as private clients. They specialize in fantasy leather armor and superhero spinoffs like this mesmerizing Iron Man Armor with a medieval look. They were founded in 2007, and have since grown to be one of the more quality names in the business.

Asgardian Iron Man HelmetBesides Iron Man, they have two other very impressive renditions of Superheroes/villains with Aquaman and Loki, getting the custom medieval touch. Even in Loki’s case, it gives the character and costume something extra that wasn’t there before, probably making him look a bit more sinister and ready for battle. In Aquaman’s case, it’s easier to respect him when he’s looking like this.

For more of their creations, Superhero or not, check out their¬†site, which has an impressive gallery of their works and the media they’ve been featured on.