10 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Mom Under $50

Finding a cool gift for your mother on a reasonable budget can be a challenge. We love our mothers; all year long they take care of us, making sure we are fine. This is the time to let our mothers know that we appreciate them by getting them a nice gift for Christmas.


With one week to go before Christmas, this Sunday is the perfect day to finish buying your gifts and avoid last minute shopping which can be pricey and annoying. So what should you get your mom, you are asking? Below you’ll find ten cool, unique, and funny gift ideas to get your mom this Christmas; we tried to select gifts that combine humor and functionality. All gifts below are under $50, so no need to rob any bank. 

ZoomZam Bluetooth Speakers


Listening to music is fun, and you can do it anywhere. All your mom needs is a smartphone which I’m sure she has. This Bluetooth Speakers by ZoomZam are compact & powerful; they are packed with style, and your mom can enjoy up to 6 hours playing time with it.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts


If your mom has a sense of humor, these Bear Hands Oven Mitts can be a funny yet useful gift idea for her. She doesn’t need to be the greatest baker in the world to appreciate these mitts. The mitts are by Fred & Friends and made out of resistant silicone.You can get it from Amazon

Umbra Cubist Wall Shelf


For a safer gift choice, this Cubist Wall Shelf can be a nice touch to your mom’s bedroom or office. The cubist shelf is inspired by the Nordic design and will add some chic and order to your mom’s stuff.

SMOKO Uni the Unicorn Night Light


Why buy your mom a Unicorn night light you ask? The answer is simple: because it’s cool 🙂 For the fun mothers, the ones who take life easy and can enjoy a fun gift, this Unicorn night light can be a fantastic and humoristic gift.

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels


Alarm clocks are making a comeback. Let me explain. In the past, alarm clocks were very useful, before we had mobile phones we needed the alarm clock to wake us up. Then came the era of cellphones, and we all started to use those as our alarm clocks, so we didn’t really need our old alarm clock, right? Wrong. Today people understand the danger of charging your phone next to your head, so using an Alarm clock is back in style.  You can charge your phone away from you, even in a different room and use an alarm clock to make sure you’ll be up when you need. After this extensive explanation, you can see why getting an Alarm clock is a very good idea, right? You can get this little Clock on Wheels on Amazon.

Infuser Water Bottles

best-gift-ideas-for-moms-infuser-water-bottles-under-50Infusers are the hot new thing when it comes to travel water bottles. If your mom is all about health and sports, this is a great gift. Using this Infuser, your mom can create fabulous infused water with her favorite fruits and veggies. 

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

nnogear-aromatherapy-essential-oil-diffuser-ultrasonic-cool-10-perfect-christmas-gift-ideas-for-you-mom-under-50Here’s another great gift to get your mom, an Aromatherapy Diffuser. With its natural wood grain look, this Aroma diffuser will give your mom a sense of zen and relaxation.

Mommy Medicine Funny Wine Glassbest-mom-gift-ideas-under-100-mommy-medicine-funny-wine-glass

Being a mom can sometimes be hard. After a long day at work or taking care of the kids , sometimes all we need is some down time. So pour your mother a glass of wine in this Mommy Medicine Funny Wine Glass for the ultimate relaxation after a long day. 

Bear Paw Slippers


There’s nothing like buying your mom a Bear Paw Slippers to let her know you love her. Just kidding 🙂  All mom used to little girls, so trust me: We all wanted cool plush slippers at some point. Get your mom a gift that will remind her the fun side of life, a gift that will make her feel younger and cooler.

Twin Boat Womens 100% Cotton Flannel Pajama Sleepwear Set

best-gift-ideas-for-mom-twin-boat-womens-100-cotton-flannel-pajama-sleepwear-setGetting clothes for your mom as a gift? Hard. Getting a pajama? easy breezy. You don’t need to know your mom-specific size; a general estimation will work also. You can see the full selection here on Amazon.