Pac-Pumps: Custom Hand Painted Ms. Pac-Man High Heels

You might not be able to outrun a pack of rainbow-colored ghosts, but in these dazzling Ms. Pac-Man inspired high heels you’ll at least look good doing so.

Custom Hand Painted Ms. Pac-Man High Heels image 1

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a lick about women’s fashion. Throwing on a t-shirt and pair of shorts is as far as my knowledge about the latest clothing trends and what not go, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spot a pretty little number when I see one.

Why, take a gander at these custom hand painted Ms. Pac-Man high heels, a glamorous shoe for the gaming-loving gal going out on the town, or whatever it is people do outside of playing videogames. Like, seriously, I hear people do that. Weird, I know!

These one-of-a-kind size 7s up currently for sale – $184.36 USD – are made by Etsy shop TiltedShoes, who so happen to be an online purveyor of classy ladies shoes of all different styles – of which I can’t particularly name off hand – and skillfully painted designs.

Custom Hand Painted Ms. Pac-Man High Heels image 2

To my knowledge, this is the only gaming-inspired high heels TitledShoes has made so far, but if they get enough attraction from around the web, perhaps they’ll come out with another beautiful pair based off a different popular videogame series.

Ooo, I know, how about Super Smash Bros.?! That would be cool – ah, I’m being told no. Okay then. I guess I’ll just talk up some geeky finds right here on, such as Apple’s plans to release an iWatch in 2014 and a Microsoft touchscreen that lets users interact with real objects.