The Segway miniPro Black Friday Deal is the Best You’re Going to Find

It’s almost impossible to sort through every possible Black Friday deal on Amazon or other online retailers, so why not go straight for the best, and take advantage of the massive discount on the Segway miniPro?

Segway’s miniPro, the Smart self-balancing personal transporter with mobile app control is on a mind blowing discount of ¬†54% during Black Friday: Instead of paying $1299 for it, you can buy the Segway miniPro for just $599.99, saving a whopping $700.

Segway miniPro White

Besides getting your around quickly (up to 11mph) and safely, the Segway miniPro connects to your phone through bluetooth, allowing your smartphones to serve as the key, remote control and dashboard, displaying its current speed.

The connection to the phone increases security: Any attempt to move it results in the app-locked Segway miniPro triggering an audible alarm through an alert which is sent to your phone.

The miniPro has a 18650 lithium battery for sustainable power at 1200W, with a very advanced battery management system  monitors the status of each battery cell in real time. It also comes with two LED taillights, which are blue by default. They turn red when you break and yellow when you turn, but the tail light color is fully customizable.

Segway miniPro Black

One thing worth remembering: The Segway miniPro is as safe as transporters can get, but it’s wise to make sure that if you fall, you won’t get banged up too badly: A helmet and pads on your knees and elbows are very important.