Top 8 Best Mario Bros T-Shirts

No matter who you are, you’ve likely heard of Mario. Nintendo’s mascot, the famous Italian plumber, is one of the most popular characters of all time, and the Super Mario Bros video game series is one of the most successful franchises ever.


From the classic NES game, to Mario Galaxy, to Mario Kart, Mario Party, and even Mario at the Olympic games, this franchise spans all kinds of genres and has games to suit all audiences. Of course, if you’re a real Mario fan, you’ll need a t-shirt to show off your love! Here’s a great selection of tees to let everyone know you’re a fan.

Retro 8-Bit Mario T-shirt

To me, 8-bit Mario is the most nostalgic and memorable. I grew up playing the original Mario Bros game on the NES. Yes, it was released a decade before I was even born, but as a young child, I played NES and SNES games. I can still remember playing through the first level of Mario Bros over and over again, having a blast each time. This t-shirt brings back so many great memories, therefore making a great addition to any closet.

Super Mario Bros 3 Toddler T-Shirt

Can you say adorable? I’ve never much been into kids, but if I were to have one, I’d be dressing them in geek garb all the time. I absolutely love this t-shirt, not to mention Super Mario Bros 3 is a fantastic game.

Nintendo Mario Red T-Shirt

Simple and stylish, this t-shirt would look great paired with a jacket or cardigan. It’s casual, but not too casual, even non-gamers will appreciate this shirt. I’m a huge fan of simplistic designs, and this t-shirt is no exception.

Mario Print Retro T-Shirt

I know I just said I love simplistic designs, and simple this t-shirt is not. Yet, it’s just so fun! There’s all kinds of bright, warm colors, it looks like a comic book painted onto a shirt. I think this t-shirt is gorgeous and I love that it features many Mario characters. Most of the t-shirts on this list feature Mario only, but this one showcases the other great characters in the series.

Luigi T-Shirt

All right, back to the simplistic designs. Luigi is such an underrated character, it’s unfair. He stars in his own great series, Luigi’s Mansion, and he’s just as cool as Mario. (Even though he’s a wimp). I think this t-shirt is great, because just the hat and mustache are iconic enough on their own without Luigi’s face.

Mario Tanooki T-Shirt

Okay, I’ll admit when I first saw the Tanooki, I thought it was a raccoon. And of course, almost immediately, I thought, why the heck is a raccoon flying? Then I did some research and found out that no, it’s not a raccoon, it’s actually a tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog. (So almost a raccoon). Tanuki’s can’t fly, but whatever, this is a video game, and the tanooki suit is an awesome item in Mario games. Plus, this t-shirt is cute. Really cute.

Classic Mario T-Shirt

Much like an earlier entry on this list, this t-shirt brings so much nostalgia into my gamer heart. The NES controller, 8-bit Mario, and all of the other memorable aspects of this classic game are featured on this t-shirt. I find it to be absolutely awesome. Excuse me while I go plug in my NES and fire up Mario Bros. Maybe this time I’ll make it past level one; don’t judge young me, I was terrible at games.

Super Mario Bros Super Show T-Shirt

Who remembers the Super Mario Bros Super Show? No? You probably mentally blocked it, and I don’t blame you. This TV show is crazy, with terrible acting and probably the most racist portrayal of Italians I’ve ever seen, but it makes for some memorable TV viewing. Fortunately, the majority of the show is animated, and its animated parts are far better than the live action parts. This t-shirt features animated Mario and Luigi, the part of the show which you should remember.

Did you see a t-shirt that caught your eye? I could have easily picked a dozen more, because there are so many great Mario t-shirts out there. If you didn’t find one that struck your fancy here, there are plenty more to be found! Happy shopping!