According to Yoda – “3D Printing the Future is”

With three dimensional printing looking to become the next great technological innovation, more and more people are wondering just how these machines can create a 3D image out of nothing. Well, we have Yoda to explain it to us!

The market for three dimensional printing is just a few years old but already the technology associated with this advancement is showing what we are able to do – create things out of thin air and include all the details and the nuances of that item.  And as with all things…Yoda is going to show us the way.

Here we have the first stage where not much is scene but that is okay, the 3D printer is only beginning.

Getting warmer…

In just 0.1 mm at a time, the bust of Yoda starts to form.

Are you starting to see it now? Tell me you are starting to see it?

The technology is really becoming advanced…and take a look at the honeycomb inside!

Are you ready to gain insight and wisdom from Yoda?

There he is, saying to all of us, “Do or do not…there is no try.” Yes Master Yoda.

Watch below as this video demonstrates Yoda materializing right out of thin air.

This Yoda was printed by BusyBotz, a YouTube user with their own domestic three dimensional home printer. If you want to get one on your own, be prepared because this one cost over  £1,000 (over $1,500)!

Many 3D printer users are already sharing what they know with others, including websites like Thingiverse to download plans for a 3D printer. As long as it is a physical object, a 3D printer can make it.

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