Build your own home cinema projector

A few years ago, I used to spend a lot of time on eBay trying to spot attractive bargains for LCD screens and video projectors. Auctioning sites are an excellent place to find out about price levels and market demand but they also provide impostors and swindlers with a stage. In the eBay offerings you’ll often find DIY and step by step books that will tell you how easy it is to make a video projector yourself using only a cardboard box and an old LCD screen. Out of curiosity I decided to invest the $39.99 to purchase such an online book but, to my great disappointment, I never received it. Not only was I upset about losing my money but I was frustrated I wouldn’t get a chance at building the projector.

All this time, I thought the whole “build your own projector” was a scam and that it was technologically impossible to realize until I found this cool video on Youtube where you can see how to do it yourself. In fact, using an LCD monitor, an overhead projector, a cooling fan and a little of your time you can actually create your own home cinema projector.
You don’t need to spend a foolish 40 bucks, just check out the video to find out.

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  2. shirley gutierrez.


    I´m currently living in a spanish town where the only cinema available was closed a year ago and there are a lot of interested people in movies/cinema living here. I am thinking of opening one commercial cinema (relative small but modern) here and would like further information on this subject. It is a private project and somehow a challenging one.

    If you know Spain you might have heard about thelack of culture or facilities in those towns and I know that some people did build 3D cinema in Spain due to this fact.


    Shirley Gutierrez

  3. Cardplayingman.

    I understand all of it but the part about how you hook the device you are uing to play the video. Like a dvd player. And I have an old lap top thats no longer used can I use the screen from that. Thanks

  4. nikhil.t.

    hello paul, i am mr nikhil, from childhood i had intrest on different type of
    project works. 4yrs back me and my father together we had make a film
    progector. with a rectangle card bord, we make a hole at one side, in size of
    a movie file strip, at another side we make it at large size it was greater than
    6 times bigger than smaller. middle of the two holes we arrange a 40 or 60 or
    100 walts bulb was fixed in middle of that it was fill with water and we keept it exact possition of small hole. we make that sunlight pass through the small hole
    the in opposite it will apper at large size like a theater screen, we had enjoyed our own projector but not contains music then we had to play the music player.

    but i have the intrest to make a electronic projector i am doing my project on it
    now so by soon i will tell u how can a electronic projector can made easy.

  5. paul co.

    It is interesting knowing about how you can can use your LCD to build a projector.
    Well ,supposing you don’t have an LCD,but you have a television which is 14” and above then you can email me and i will show you how you can build a quality projector image 150” large right in your home.
    The beauty of it is that any image or device that you connect to your television can be viewed like a real cinema,all your materials can obtained from the house.

  6. Diego.

    Great video !!
    first sorry for my english
    I would like to know how big can be the projection taking in account the lcd size.
    I have a 22″ lcd with some dead pixels to use for doing this.
    There is a measure to know how big can you go without loosing image quality?
    I dont want an image with dark corners.


  7. gameli donu.

    i am eletromics hobbist in Ghana. i want to make my own projector, but do’t get LCD screen.can any help me? and my soul will bless him.

  8. Laurens.

    Interesting stuff here and fun to read.

    Actually I am searching for more information on the difference in quality and use off LCD and DLP technology in projectors, anyone here got experience based preference on that subject?

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