Keyboard light hack lets users play Snake

Gadgets, phones and technology have evolved so much that we don’t even need screens anymore to play classics such as snake, as this hack evidences.

Keyboard hack snake

Snake might be one of the ultimate time wasters, timeless as it’s simple yet addictive. That is why Hackaday user [Sprite_TM] chose to revamp the classic to work without screens, computers, or anything except a lighted keyboard. This keyboard’s only particularity is that it has individually addressable LEDs, one of the current fads amongst makers, bur other than that it’s just a regular keyboard with a few specialized functions. When [Sprite_TM] took it to work, a colleague joked, saying ‘you’ve had this keyboard for 24 hours now, and it has a bunch of LEDs and some arrow keys. I’m disappointed you haven’t got Snake running on it yet’, which sounded a lot like a challenge to him.

The keyboard itself is the Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid-I, a board with a small ARM Cortex CPU and 32k of RAM. which was plenty for this project.Using an executable file that overrode the updater, [Sprite] made a back-up of the defaults, and started programming on it. And note, even though playing Snake is the part we found the most amusing to make a story about, there’s plenty users can do with a hacked keyboard like this, so check the original post at Hackaday for more ideas and information about the project.

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