10 Geeky Engagement Rings You Can Find At Etsy

Walyou’s here to help you find the best Etsy engagement ring that can possibly fit the taste of your loved one and help you get that magical “yes.  Men who are in a relationship carry the load or opportunity to decide whether it’s time to take the next step: aka decide to get engaged, and eventually marry. (But, of course, it’s 2019 and women can do this, too!) In most cases, this comes with formulating a grand or sweet gesture for your significant other through an engagement proposal to show how much they mean to you. Needless to say, the first step to this life-changing process is finding the perfect engagement ring that suits your partner.

Finding the perfect engagement ring could be tricky and challenging, but if you happen to be with a geeky partner, we have the best and not-so-difficult idea to make your proposal extra unique.

Check them out here:

1) 8-bit Retro Video Game Inspired Natural Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring 

Looking forward to a “yes” when you propose to your girlfriend? Why not get this funky-designed ring that comes with cute and intricate accents, such as those tiny Canadian diamonds, and of course the heart center stone made of ruby.

On top of that, the ring is also made up of various materials, such as white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and sterling silver. The maker even allows a customized option of the metals you want to be used in this Etsy engagement ring. Order yours here now.

2)  Adventure Time Inspired Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring

Does your significant other crazy over Adventure Time? If she has not outgrown her love for Jake, this Etsy engagement ring could be perfect to make you say you’re I dos in no time.

This Adventure Time engagement ring on Etsy is made of real solid gold, embellished with a satin finish. Look at those puppy eyes! These precious puppy eyes are made of authentic diamonds.

3)  Star Wars Empire Inspired Engagement Ring With Ruby & Moissanite

Is your partner a Star Wars geek? Why not let her carry the Galactic empire in her hands, or rather finger.
The central accent of this Etsy Star Wars engagement ring that’s representing the Imperial Crest is made up of a 3-mm ruby. On top of that, the ring also has 2-mm moissanite accent stones.
Choose this Etsy engagement ring in sterling silver, in yellow or white gold or in palladium 950.

4)  Zelda Triforce Inspired Engagement Ring

Classy but is also well-made for the Zelda-lover that is soon to be your fiancé; that is if she says yes. But why wouldn’t she, if she gets a very romantic proposal from you and this Zelda-inspired engagement ring, right?
This engagement ring carries a 6-mm diamond stone and 14-karat gold. You can even choose between white and yellow gold.

5)  Time Traveler Inspired Geeky Engagement Ring

How about giving your loved one time and space by scoring this time traveler-inspired engagement ring from Etsy? We’re almost sure that the unique 17-mm top face design of this geeky engagement ring will capture the heart of your significant other. It’s also donned with Canadian diamonds and natural sapphire stones.
Choose the quality and type of stones with this Etsy engagement ring. It can be in 14k or 18k and may be made from white, yellow or rose gold, or even platinum. The ring also comes with a cherry wood box to add to the presentation appeal of this ring.

6)   SUPER STAR IO: Video Game-Inspired Star Engagement Ring

If your girlfriend is a fan of IO games, you can stop your search right here. Take her back to that superstar video game experience with this Super Star IO engagement ring.
This Etsy engagement ring is both geeky and classy your loved-one will definitely be thrilled to wear it. The star design is further accented with Canadian diamonds at its center, which is made more beautiful with the wavy design of the band. All materials to make this ring can be customized based on your request. If you’re looking for 14-karat metals, you can choose from yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Or you can bring it up a notch by choosing platinum or between an18-karat rose gold or a22-karat yellow gold. Of course, it comes in a beautiful presentation box, too!

7)  Pokemon Engagement Ring: Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and more

Of course, this list would not end without having an item for Pokemon lovers.
Did you ever imagine that Pokemon can be this classy? Well, now you can! This Etsy engagement ring is beautifully made and is intended to capture the essence of Pokemon by bringing together the most popular characters of the game: Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander! What’s more interesting is, you can opt for characters other than them. Just simply request the name of the four Pokemon characters that you want in the ring and the maker will craft the perfect Pokemon engagement ring for you!
This Etsy engagement ring is available in silver and white gold, with a 5-mm lab ideal cut white sapphire material for the central accent of the ring. Get your custom-made Pokemon engagement ring here.

8)  Star Trek: Captains Starfleet Signet Engagement Ring

Soon enough, your significant other will be the light of your home, the captain of your life. What could possibly help in making your Star Trek-loving significant other become your life captain? Get this Etsy engagement ring that carries that Starfleet badge, which will always remind her of her favorite franchise ever.
This captain’s Starfleet signet engagement ring is purely made of solid 14-karat white gold, embellished with nine natural white diamonds and 10 natural grade blue sapphires. You can get this Etsy engagement ring here.

9)   Kingdom Hearts Inspired Keyblade Engagement Ring

Are you looking for those role-playing video games rings? Did she love the adventures from the Kingdom of Hearts game? Well, this is your stop. Here’s the Etsy engagement ring you can buy for your loved one.
It may look like a typical engagement ring, but RPG geeks would only know it’s not just another ring. Because, yes, this is inspired by Sora’s keyblade.
This Etsy engagement ring can be made in yellow or white gold or palladium white gold. Getting your girl’s attention would be that 5-mm round forever brilliant moissanite. This stone is matched with the 2-mm round teal blue diamond accent stones, and a two-tone white gold shank, which gives little accents to this Kingdom of Hearts ring.

10)  DNA engagement ring

Here is an engagement ring that science geeks will love: a DNA ring. The maker has artistically incorporated the DNA design around the ring using 14-karat material. You can choose from white, yellow and rose gold, as well as sterling silver. The DNA design is topped with a 6.5-mm 1-karat  “forever One” moissanite stone.
If you have a partner who’s a science geek, you might want to consider buying this Esty engagement ring for her here.
While we think we’ve offered some of the best Etsy engagement rings for the geeks, here. We’d love to know if there’s any other geeky engagement ring you’d suggest to be part of the list. Feel free to leave us comments and share your own discoveries for geeky yet classy rings! If you are into geeky stuff don’t forget to check out our unique and nerdy Disney shirts and some great star wars lego sets.