Best 15 Etsy Earrings Gift Ideas for Geeks


best earrings gift ideas for geeks

Being a geek does not mean not having a sense of fashion. Geeks know vogue, too. In fact, geeks have the talent to add a little spunk and character to a rather simple outfit. Thanks to fun geeky fashion find accessible today.

And you know what? One of the simple and fun ways to flaunt one’s geekiness is through jewelry, such as geeky Etsy earrings. If you’ve been looking for the best gift to give your geeky friend who probably is celebrating a milestone in her life (or maybe you just want to be generous), you’re at the perfect page because we are giving you a list of the most unique Etsy earrings finds that could make a friend’s day.

This Etsy earrings collection offer plenty of designs and inspirations from various jewelry artists who have been handmaking these kinds of pieces, especially for the geeky market.

May it be cute and tiny stud earrings, or flashy dangling earrings or perhaps a pair of simple hook earrings. We thought of giving you guys a variety of Etsy earrings that could fit the varying taste of our geeky friends. Whatever they’re into, I’m sure there’s one for you. Definitely getting a pair of these unique earrings on Etsy is one of the best ways to show appreciation for a geeky friend. The best part is, you could also buy any of these for yourself, too!

Take a look at them here:

1) Nerdy Wonder Woman Sterling Silver Geeky Earrings + Set (DC Comics)

wonder women geeky earrings on etsy
Wonder Woman could definitely be that lady hero to aspire for in the DC world. You don’t have to be all dressed up as Wonder Woman to flaunt your admiration for Princess Diana. Outside your Cosplay days, you can simply wear this pair of Wonder Woman earrings, or you can even flaunt the entire jewelry set for an added spunk.
This unique pair of Etsy Wonder Woman earrings that are made from sterling silver can even be delivered in a wonderful gift wrap.

2) Geeky Legend of Zelda 14K Solid Gold Etsy Earrings

Geeky Legend of Zelda 14K Solid Gold Earrings
Are you a chic gamer who’s into Legend of Zelda? The Triforce is granting your wish to cop this pair of Legend of Zelda earrings on Etsy.
This is not just any other pair of earrings, mind you, as this is a pair of 14K solid gold earrings. Fancy, right? Do you want to miss the chance of owning these? This is where Zelda players would probably say: Nope!
Go grab a pair now!

3) Dynamic DNA: Unique Sterling Silver Earrings

 Unique Sterling Silver DNA EarringsScience is one of the most complex realms to partake in. But there is art in it, too. Like for example, the formation of DNA.

This pair of Dynamic DNA earrings show the intricacies of the actual DNA. Amazing, right? What’s more amazing is these dangling earrings on Etsy have beads that are plated with rhodium, a jewelry component even more expensive than gold. Fancy, right?

Is keeping up with fashionable finds in your DNA? Why not put the DNA on you (or your ears, rather) through these designer 925 Sterling silver Dynamic DNA earrings, which you can find on Etsy.

4) Forky: Toy Story Movie Stud Earrings

Geeky Forky Toy Story Movie Stud Earrings
If you’ve seen Toy Story 4, you can easily identify this cute character — Forky!
Did you like Toy Story 4? Are you a Toy Story collector or do you have a friend who does? Buy this pair of this cute Forky stud earrings from Etsy and tell your friend that: “You’ve got a friend in me.”
These handmade Etsy stud earrings are made of gold plated brass, mind you! Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, this Etsy stud earrings is surely a good buy!

5) Circuit Board Gift Sterling Silver Earrings: The Perfect Gift For A Nerdy Engineer

Circuit Board Gift Sterling Silver Earrings
It’s possible that you know a rockstar female who deals with circuit board fixes as a day job. And sometimes, it could be difficult to pick gifts for these nerdy friends.
Fret no more as Etsy has just made our task easier, with its unique finds such as this one of a kind circuit board earrings.  These Etsy earrings find could be a really cool gift for your geeky friend, which also comes with a necklace. This jewelry set is available in different colors and is made of Sterling silver.

6)  Doctor Who K-9 Dangling Earrings

Doctor Who K-9 Dangling Earrings
K-9s, those intelligent robot dogs, had been dependable companions of doctors at Doctor Who.
We know it’s not easy (or possible at all) to have one of those K-9s, but at least you can get a miniature version with this Doctor Who K-9 dangling earrings on Etsy. These earrings are specially handcrafted in Sweden and are made of 925 sterling silver.

7) Math Equation Earrings: Perfect For Geeky Maths Teachers

Cool Math Equation Etsy Earrings
You probably have that Math teacher you’d like to show your appreciation to after helping you pass that very difficult test. What better way to do that but by purchasing this math equation earrings on Etsy. These are made of brass and especially handmade from Great Britain!

8) Captain America Shield Stud Earrings: Perfect for Fangirl or Fanboy

Marvel Captain America Shield Stud Earrings
Is Captain America your Avengers superhero? Then, show your love for the first avenger by incorporating this Captain America photo glass stud earrings from Etsy.
Just like the good and strong form of Captain America’s shield, this pair of Etsy silver-plated stud earrings are made with a high-quality glass dome.

9) Eevee Pokemon Stud Earrings

Geeky Pokemon Stud Earrings
Do you have that friend who’s crazy about Pokemon? You don’t need Poke Balls to catch this pair of Etsy stud earrings.
These earrings made from Cherry wood were engraved to perfection and protected by an oil finishing for a final touch. Get this pair of pretty Eevee Pokemon Stud Earrings here.

10) Steampunk Wing Earrings

cool steampunk earrings on etsy
I don’t know about you, but this Etsy dangling earring reminds me of Netflix’s Lucifer and his wings.
Needless to say, these Steampunk wing earrings are also perfect for those who are into steampunk content — regardless if that’s you or a friend. Better yet, you can get one for you and a friend.
These handmade Etsy dangling earrings are made from brass beads with silver-plated hooks. It also comes with free gift wrapping when you order.

11) SNES/Video Game Controller Earrings

SNES/Video Game Controller Earrings
This Etsy wooden earring is interestingly crafted to perfection to look like the classic Nintendo Family Computer controller. That only means, this SNES/Video Game Controller Earrings is intended for the Nintendo geeks out there. It can be a friend or even you!
These handmade earrings are made in good quality: these are finished with food-grade wood oil with plated stainless steel.

12)  Gallifrey Time Lord Earrings: Whovian Doctor Sci-Fi Jewelry

 Sci-Fi Jewelry earrings
Here’s another Doctor Who reference for those looking for one to satiate their love for this BBC series. The Gallifrey Time Lord earrings might be what you’re looking for.
The good news is, you don’t need to be a native in the Gallifrey planet to own these Etsy dangling earrings. This pair of handmade earrings are made of brass and created to have a design on both sides of the panel. Get yours now!

13) Dopamine Earrings: The Perfect Science Jewelry Gift

The Perfect Science Dopamine Earrings
What dopamine? You must have learned this from your science geek friend, among other Science-y stuff she/he taught you.
Yes, that’s how dopamine strand would look like, but unlike the bodily chemical, this Etsy earrings version presents silver tone charms, made of zinc alloy.
Boost your friend’s dopamine level (just by a little bit, please) by giving him or her this Dopamine earring from Etsy as a reward for all the Science trivias you’ve learned. Cop a pair for your friend here.

14)  Ruby and Black Diamond Earrings: Perfect For A Geeky Wedding

 Ruby and Black Diamond Earrings
Is your geeky friend finally saying “I do”? Take part in the special occasion of her life by giving this Ruby and Black Diamond earrings for her. This Etsy diamond earring will definitely make her day extra special than it already is.
This pair of fancy earrings are made of 925 Sterling silver, simulated ruby, and simulated black diamond. You can even have this pair customized!

15) Sterling Silver Chocolate Molecule Earrings

Sterling Silver Chocolate Molecule Earrings on etsy
This one is perfect for the chocolate lover, or perhaps a friend who loves to bake. Why? What is this anyway?
This complex-looking earring design is actually theobromine, a chemical formula found in chocolate. These handmade earrings could definitely pass as a unique gift item for one of your geeky friends. As a bonus, the maker of the item will also be providing short theobromine for the recipient, just for a bit of added fun. Get your Sterling Silver chocolate molecule earrings here!
Now that we’ve laid out some of the fun and cute geeky earrings on Etsy, are you ready to take a pick among the Etsy unique earrings? No doubt, any geeky friend would be more than excited to flaunt their ears once they receive such a one-of-a-kind gift from you (or your gift for yourself).
We’d love to continue to be a part of your geeky fashion! Are there any nerdy earrings on Etsy or somewhere else you think we’ve missed in this list? Please let us know through the comments below.