12 Coolest 2018 Wall Calendars

Another year is approaching, and that means having new goals, resolution, look ambition and even possessions in life. Whether you’re planning to list them all down on a journal, diary, or to-do checklist—you need a calendar hanging up on your wall to remind you the due date of all your goals first thing in the morning!

So, to start a new you! You need a 2018 wall calendar to begin. We have compiled some of the best 2018 wall calendars for you to begin with. With just instant download and print on your behalf, you got yourself a wall calendar! You can choose from varieties of designs, productivity, and style according to your interest.

1.Circular Wall Calendar

Would you rather have a unique wall calendar that complements a minimalist themed-room? Check out this 2018 Circular Calendar Design that is adjustable to any square size. Get yourself a global view of the year 2018 and keep track of daily tasks, plans, and events. Once purchased, go ahead and download, save to your computer, print and enjoy!

2.Star Wars Calendar 2018

For Star Wars fans out there, add this blue-black themed wall calendar on your Star Wars collection! The beautiful calendar is made from the original Star Wars patents and is printed with a high-quality archival inks on a heavyweight archival paper. It’s a stunning piece to add to your bedroom, living room, office and public spaces.

 3. Quartet Dry Erase Board, Magnetic Two-Tone Frame

Enjoy a magnetic dry-erase calendar combo board. The frame is composed of classy dark wood finish frame, dry-erase marker, mounting hardware, and magnetic accessories. This wall calendar is great for those who often need to change plans at times. With this, if you feel like changing plans from then, or simply hate seeing erased marks on your wall calendar, this is a must-have.

4. New Orleans, Lousiana Photographs 12 Month Calendar

If you’re a fan of photographs, you’ll be enjoying the views of this stunning photographs from New Orleans, Louisiana. Each page comes with a breathtaking view of the area, and any visitor in your home will definitely get a glance and be checking each page. Have a simple, yet beautiful 12-month calendar on your wall with this high-quality card stock and spiral bound calendar.

5. Stunning Moon Calendar

If you’re a fan of the moon or the night sky, it’s time to get yourself a moon wall calendar for next year! Make your year full of new moons and a picture of these gorgeous art Moon prints. It’s a great gift for someone who loves the natural space and galaxies. It’s modern, scientific, simple and definitely beautiful! Display this on your bedroom wall to add a scientific piece.

6. Productive and Simple 12 Month Wall Calendar 2018

If you want something that you can write your to-do list and goals on a wall calendar, this is the simple, modern and bold wall calendar for you. It has a room for notes and lists to remind you of your set of goals, plans, and events. It has a chipboard, one month per page, and has a protective sleeve. You’ll never have to forget a task each day when you have this type of calendar hanging up on your bedroom wall.

7.Blue Spilled Paint Wall Calendar

The designs of this wall calendar are suitable for display in your home, business environments, office including public places. It’s available in large sizes and you’re also able to contact for personalized change on the wall calendar. So, if you happen to know someone who’s in need for a unique wall calendar, this Blue Spilled Paint Wall Calendar is an excellent gift but may not be resold.

8. Tropical Greenery Modern Wall Planner

“Carpe all of the diems” calendar is an extraordinary one. With a modern twist and the popular phrase, it’s a perfect additional piece for your bedroom wall. And due to its size, you can always check what your plans even from the distance. It’s designed with simplicity, wild flowers, greenery and pays homage to the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017. What are you waiting for? Get yourself one now!

9. Rainbow Wall Calendar

How about a touch of rainbow and colorful wall calendar for a refreshing piece for your bedroom wall? This awesome wall calendar gives you numerous writing space for the day. These are numbered and you’ll definitely be organized. It can be used as an office calendar, rota planner, fitness calendar, and so much more. The calendar is eco-friendly and it meets paper sustainability criteria.

10. Graphic Wall Calendar

Here we have different graphic patterns that will definitely blend well with any type of themed-room. The paper comes with a white metal spiral with a hanger, that is in German language with nationwide public holidays. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who’s a fan of graphics as well. Pick a wall calendar that suits your taste, and hang it on your bedroom wall!

11.Year At A Glance Calendar 2018

This soft touch of pink peony as a background is perfect for a white-themed room, or any pastel-colored room. With just instant download and print, you’ll be able to have an easy, affordable and stunning Pink Peony 2018 wall calendar! It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who loves a touch of pink, flowers, and simplicity.

12. Raven Calendar 2018

This Raven Calendar boasts a unique and lovely design. It has been created with an original pencil drawing and is printed with a high-quality archival ink on heavyweight archival paper. It has a smooth matte finish for a clear view of the calendar. It’s a perfect wall calendar for offices, home, and office. It’s available in different sizes. If you happen to know someone who’s a fan of the dark, mysterious raven, this is a wonderful gift.

These wall calendars will make an excellent gift, and are definitely must-haves no matter what! If you find something that’s interesting, go ahead and purchase!

Do you have any more ideas for the best wall calendar? You can share more and tell us in the comments below.