10 Small and Large Concrete Planters for Geeks

Plants are a great way to add life to your place, literally, and to provide you with healthier living in many ways. Some of those health benefits include offering you an improved air quality in your space, better humidity and reduced stress. More to that, plants can definitely beautify a space and provide accent to your living or bed room. While you’re at it, why not bring your enthusiasm towards plants up a notch by letting it speak about the characters you’re crazy about? How? Why settle for regular pots when you can find stylish and concrete planters for geeks?

Yes, there are various concrete planters for geeks you can bring home that will not only satisfy you love for plants, but also the geek in you. Walyou is putting together a number of these concrete planters for geeks in different sizes and designs that you can bring into your home for you to reap the benefits of having plants in a geeky way.

See the list of these concrete planters for geeks here:

1) Star Wars Concrete Planters

Cool star wars concrete planter

Are you one of the many who is positively crazy about the great adventures of the Star Wars characters? A lot of Star Wars fans love its characters, too, to the point of integrating Star Wars designs into their homes. You can do that, too, with this cool Star Wars set of 3 concrete Planters of Millennium Falcon, Death Star and R2D2. Nothing beats the original characters, right?

These Star Wars concrete planters come with air plants, which are low maintenance and easily manageable. This set definitely will make it easy for you to beautify your home with plants while bringing the Star Wars vibe.

You can also notice how these concrete planters for geeks set interestingly captures all the details of the Death Star, the Falcon and R2-D1. Such a work of art, right? This set is available to purchase on Etsy here.

2) Stylish Skull Concrete Planter

Skull Concrete planter

Are you into collecting skulls? You can integrate that, too, in your plant holders by opting for these skull concrete planters. These nicely designed abstract-ish skull planters even come in various colors to make your living space more lively. You can buy this cool skull concrete planter here.

3)  Concrete Trolls Planter

cool troll shaped concrete planter

Ah, trolls! These concrete planters remind not of internet trolls, but of those troll dolls that interspersed across toy shops and every kid’s house in the 90s. Remember that trolls era?

This troll concrete planter holder, with an air planter, is not just that; it also has a magnet at the back, which could let you make these into ref magnet planters. Interesting, right?

If you’re one that did not cease with the toy collection, or just appreciate the nostalgia that this troll concrete planters bring, you can get it here.

4) Guardians of the Galaxy – Baby Groot Concrete Planter

baby groot concrete planter

There’s also a concrete planter for geeks of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Measuring 12 cm by 8.5 cm, this Baby Groot concrete planter has a hole on his head with a depth of 7.3 cm and width of 6 cm, allowing you to let Baby Groot carry a small air planter or a cactus. It comes in gray and white shades. You can buy the baby Groot concrete planter here.

5) Star Trek Borg Cube Concrete Air Plant Holder

very cool star trek borg concrete planter with magnet

For Star Trek fans, you can bring this Borg cube in your home, but not by riding on it. This Star Trek Borg cube miniature will not serve as your ship, but it can add beauty in your home by carrying a plant you can nurture. As small as it may be, it can offer a good representation of your Star Trek geekiness and add accent to your space. You can buy it here.

6) Pokemon Bulbasaur Large Concrete Planter

If you’re a Pokemon lover, you can “catch” this Bulbasaur concrete planter on Etsy. Bring one of these into your homes and let Bulbasaur become the holder of a beautiful succulent, herb or house plant. This Bulbasaur concrete planter is 4.5 X 4 X 5 inches and has a 2.5-inch diameter well allocated for your plant. You can buy this cool Pokemon Bulbasaur concrete air planter here.

7)  Pentagon Concrete Planter and Tea Light Holder

modern Pentagon Concrete planter

Opting for something simple yet fancy-looking? Into collecting shape designs for your home? Either way, this  pentagon concrete planter, which is hand-poured with premium, fine stone-ground concrete, can be a good option for you. You can buy this cool planter here.

8) Star Wars Large Darth Vader Planter

darth vader concrete planter

If you’re a Star Wars fan who has long since joined the dark side, this is the concrete planter holder for you: Darth Vader. This Darth Vader concrete planter measures 3 3/16 X 3 1/2 X 4 inches and has an allotted well of 1 3/4 inches in diameter and 3 1/4 inches in depth, giving space for your air plants to live in. You can buy this Darth Vader large concrete planter here.

9)  Concrete Flower Planter for Home Office Decoration

cool concrete planter

How about bringing together your desk organizer with your plant holder? Multipurpose and space-efficient, right? This is the possible case with this concrete planter, which allows you to pick the succulent of your choice. You can buy it here.

10) Game of Thrones – Night King concrete planter 

HBO’s Game of Thrones is long gone but its memory and its characters will live on for the Game of Thrones geeks. For those who feel this way, one way to keep them in your memory is by collecting Game of Thrones merchandise. In this instance, you can have bring the Night King from beyond the wall into your home and let him become the holder of your air plants. You can buy it here.

Once you get to own one of these concrete planters for geeks, it’s almost definite that your space will be more pleasant and healthier! Do you have your own geeky plant holder you want to share? Show us what you have in the comments. You can also see more of geeky items you can collect that Walyou has put together here.