Wacky Ties For Your Inner Geek

The only time I’ve ever put a tie on my clothes is for a dress up party I once went to. Thankfully, I’ve been able to avoid, in my 29 years, a job or a social situation which forced me to wear one. I guess getting married pretty soon (Just say no running inside my head) will be another instance in which I’m forced to wear one. Moving on…

Millions of other people less fortunate than me have to wear a tie to work every day. Worse РSome people actually like wearing ties to work or when they walk around the streets, aimlessly. If you are on of these people, at least go geeky with your bold fashion deceleration. Show your love for Albert Einstein or some ultra-old computer game.

8-Bit Tie

Simply Geek

So people don’t get confused.


Circuit Board Tie

Keyboard Tie

Beware. From personal experience, babies and young kids actually try and push the buttons, not taking NO for an answer.

404 Error Tie

Albert Einstein Ties

Geek Headmaster.

Piano Tie

Space Invaders Tie

For Chemists Who Need a Tie to Work

Superman Tie

Batman Tie

Staying on par with my posts (a little self promotion), each Superman reference is followed by the much better Batman.

Pi Tie

There’s also this one, that we’ve mentioned in the past.

Duck Hunt Tie

The greatest video game of all time deserves to be worn out proud, at video game conventions or when you go to work to punch some numbers on a computer.

If you’re more into Bow ties, well, we’ve got you covered in the Superhero department.