20 Ridiculously Awesome Star Wars Shirts For Women

Star Wars is, no doubt, a legendary film series which brought us into a unique galactic experience. No wonder that its following has grown since the original trilogy, which started in 1977. It’s also no surprise that Star Wars geeks began looking for ways to display their love for this interesting series of trilogies. One of ways to do so is through fun and cool apparel that shows off your favorite characters. For those who are looking for Star Wars t-shirt for women, we have some good news: we have collected some of the most awesome Star Wars-inspired tops that you can choose from that will manifest your appreciation for Star Wars.

Whether you are looking for funny and witty statement star wars shirt puns or something that represents the dark or light side, we’ve got you covered! Here are the best Star Wars t-shirts for women that you can conveniently buy at the tip of your fingers. These cool star wars shirts can be the perfect brithday gift or star wars christmas gift ever. 

Begin adding to your growing Star Wars shirt by checking out our list here:

1. Don’t Fly Solo Star Wars Racerback Tank Top

Are you a Star Wars fan and a hopeless romantic? Then the pun in this Star Wars statement tank top for women could work best for you.

This Star Wars t-shirt for women can also be fitting to the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo geeks.

2. Don’t Call Me Princess Star Wars Shirt

Star wars t-shirt for women

Once a princess, now a general, that’s our Leia Organa! Are you as bad-ass as her or you simply want to pledge allegiance with the light side? Grab this “Do not call me a princess” Leia Organa Star Wars shirt for women here.

3. I Love R2-D2 Star Wars Shirt for Girls

Get this I love R2-D2 statement shirt, because who doesn’t love R2-D2 right? He’s fun and in most times, a reliable ally. R2-D2 may not speak our language, but all Star Wars fans would agree that he’s adorable anyway.

4. You Make My Heart Explode Star Wars Shirt

Star wars t-shirt for women

If someone would rip your heart out, will it show the Death Star and your affinity with the dark side? Because Star Wars always make geeks’ hearts explode, and you have so much love for Star Wars, this blood red Star Wars shirt for women will fit your geekiness.

5. You’re The Droid For Me Star Wars Racerback Tank Top

If you truly believe that R2-D2 remains the best droid friend in the Star Wars galaxy, what better way to show that by flaunting this “You’re The Droid For Me” tank top, right?

6. Best Mom in The Galaxy Relaxed/Fit Star Wars Women’s T-Shirt

Star wars t-shirt for women

Looking for a gift for mom? Why not show appreciation for your mom the Star Wars way. This shirt design comes in different variations. You can get a fitted v-neck, scoop or round neck, or you can also use the chiffon top style.  Whatever you choose, you can get your Star Wars shirt for women here.

7. Star Wars Juniors’ Classic Poster Graphic V-Neck Ladies T-Shirt

Bring together the main casts of the Star Wars trilogy with this v-neck t-shirt for ladies.

8. Stormtrooper Tropical Floral Slim Fit T-Shirt

Looking to add for a summer getaway shirt that fits your geekiness? You might want to consider this tropical-inspired Stormtrooper-design tank top for women.

9. Star Wars Junior’s Stained Vader Graphic T-Shirt for Women

Here’s another way to show which side you are on. Get this Darth Vader-designed Star Wars women’s t-shirt and let everyone know you’re on the dark side.

10. Vintage Star Wars SEE THREEPIO Shirt for Women

Hey lady, are you a Star Wars geek that’s into some vintage apparel? How about this See Threepio vintage shirt?

11. Hand Screen Printed R2D2 and C3PO Design Star Wars Tank Top for Women

If you want the best of both classic Star Wars droids, here’s the Star Wars women’s clothing for you. Get this handprinted shirt with R2-D2 and C3PO here.

12. Darth Vader Vintage Tank Top for Women

Can’t get enough of Darth Vader? Here’s a vintage-inspired Darth Vader w-shirt for women that you can add to your Star Wars shirt collection. Get it here.

13. Star Wars Pineapple Summer Logo Shirt For Women

How about this cute and tropical looking shirt designed with Star Wars logo in a pineapple design? It also comes in black and gray.

14. Star Wars Circle Shirt

Since Star Wars now belongs to the Walt Disney family, how about a Disney-slash-modern feel for your new Star Wars shirt? Check it out here.

15. Best Daughter in the Galaxy Star Wars Shirt

Are you a mom or a dad looking for the best present for your obedient and kind daughter? Any Star Wars fan-slash-daughter would appreciate owning this Star Wars-inspired shirt. For sure, she’d also love to know that you feel they are the best.

16. Chewbacca Let the Wookie Win Hand Screen Star Wars Tank Top for Women

Make this Star Wars shirt your official booze shirt. What better way to celebrate a night out with your fellow Star Wars geeks than wearing this shirt that features your favorite wookie, Chewbacca. Grab yours here.

17. C3PO: Droids for President Hand Screen Printed Design on Tank Top

Do you believe that droids should rule the galaxy? Express your stand by wearing this droids for president Star Wars t-shirt for women.

18. Messy Hair Don’t Care Chewbacca Shirt

Do you love pulling off that messy hair look? You could be one with Chewy on this. While at it, you can also wear this messy hair don’t care shirt featuring no less than Chewy.

19. Star Wars Halloween Happy Death Star Racerback Tank Top for Women

Extend the Halloween season celebration the Star Wars way by getting this Star Wars-inspired Halloween women’s shirt featuring the gigantic Death Star.

20. Princess Leia shirt: Help Me Obi Wine Kenobi

Are you a wine person? You might appreciate this pun intended specially for Star Wars fans like you. Get your own “Help me Obi Wine Kenobi” Star Wars t-shirt for women here.

Have you spotted other interesting Star Wars t-shirts for women we’ve missed to add in the list? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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