50 Years Of Spider-man [Infographic]

It’s hard to believe that young Peter Parker, who just graduated High-School and works for the Daily Bugle is actually about to turn 50 in the real world. Let’s go over some facts.

50 years of spider-man

Spider-man is turning 50 years around this time (his first appearance being in Amazing Fantasy #15from Aug. 1962), and has since then become Marvel’s most well-known character and flagship title. Since its inception, we’ve seen Peter battle mad scientists, vampires, regular thugs, aliens and team up with the likes of the Avengers and X-men. Yet, the most interesting part of a Spider-man comic was always Peter Parker, the man behind the mask. We’ve shared his victories and defeats, his woes and triumphs, his good times and bad times, and it feels like we’re talking not of some dark, brooding super-hero, but actually a friend. Friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

The team at Money Supermarket (click on the link to see a higher resolution version of this infographic!) have created an infographic with facts that will interest both fans and newcomers into what is one of the most well-known and beloved superheroes of all time. Cheers, and here’s to hoping he stays just as relevant and exciting in 50 years from now!

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