The Cost Of Being Batman [Infographic]

There is a reason Bruce Wayne became Batman, and not any random orphan: being the Dark Knight requires a lot of money.


With the Dark Knight Rises getting bigger and bigger by the day, and the figure of Batman becoming more prominent, analysis of his figure, what he represents, and the things he does become topics of discussion. Yet we don’t discuss Bruce Wayne much. Just how rich would he have to be to run the Batman business? This infographic will try to answer this very question.

Bruce Wayne is a millionaire, but one rich enough that manages to sneak several million dollars a year from the IRS in order to use them to finance Batman. This speaks well of Bruce Wayne’s intelligence, but we also gotta wonder which country does he deposit his money at, to get away with this kind of thing. Or, maybe it’s just corruption, who knows?

In any case, according to, this is the cost of being Batman. You know what? I’ll just keep hoping a radioactive spider bites me. That seems less prohibitive.

Via: Hey Guys

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