Adidas Originals x Star Wars Spring/Summer 2011 Collection: The Saga Continues

Who would’ve thought such a unique collaboration would turn out to be so successful? After recently announcing the Star Wars Top Ten Low Droid Shoes, Adidas and Star Wars have revealed their latest creation. The Force is still strong with this one.

This announcement is very exciting, as the Adidas Originals Star Wars Spring/Summer 2011 collection features a very diverse selection of characters. The shoes have been inspired by Darth Vader, the Emperor himself, the Emperor’s elite guards, AT-AT pilots, and storm troopers. With such a wide range of characters comes a huge variety of different kinds of shoes.

I find the collection very contemporary, and quite fitting when it comes to high-top shoes. Adidas has managed to once again create these sneakers while retaining a good flair and avoiding potentially juvenile designs. My top three picks for this collection would have to be the elite guard, patterned stormtrooper, and the Darth Vader sneakers.

Adidas Originals Elite Guard

Pardon my french, but the elite guard shoes look badass. From what the images show, I take it they’re made of leather, shiny plastic, and some other material in the front (suede?). The monotone is actually praise-worthy, considering that they’re such an unusual hue! The maroon reminds me of the Fight Club jacket that Tyler Durden wears.

Notice also the elite guard tags on the tongue of the shoe. The guard already looks deadly in the movie, and I wish the image on the tongue was more significant. Perhaps it’s the image quality, but the guard doesn’t really jump out as I think he (or she) should. No credit taken away though, these shoes still look awesome.

Adidas Originals Stormtrooper Shoes

The patterned stormtrooper is a very interesting twist on what could’ve been a very bland shoe. Stormtroopers are naturally very shiny and white, which a good portion of shoes are these days. These shoes are differentiated by the various colorful patterns and vectors that can be seen on the inside and tongue of the shoe, which are reminiscent of the Bathing Ape sweaters that exploded in popularity not too long ago.

I just wish that the three stripes also featured the pattern, to make it more obvious that these shoes aren’t just another pair of Adidas Originals. Seriously, it deserves more credit!

Adidas Originals Darth Vader

Last, but certainly not least, we have the shoes inspired by some haunting futuristic buildings which resemble a dark Coruscant. I really like the huge tongue that sticks out past the opening of the shoe, as it sort of looks like a building itself! Moreover, the red-ish accents look great on the black and makes for a very intimidating vibe. I’d prefer for the laces to be a red color too, and the laces are definitely swap-able, so you bet I will be adjusting my pair of Darth Vader shoes. I called them Darth Vader shoes because he’s in the poster, but in retrospect they seem to be more focused on a dark Coruscant.

I am really feeling this collection! Not only are there a ton of new shoes, but Adidas is also releasing clothes and other accessories. Why the focus on the Empire though? Perhaps in the spring/summer 2012 collection we could be looking at Naboo and Jedi-inspired sneakers and other accessories.

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Source: Forevergeek