Precognitive War-Seeing Cyborg Head

Whether or not you happen to be spiritual, the idea of a person’s having a third eye is something that’s become rather popular in a lot of areas within pop culture. This third eye is often seen as the gateway into knowledge and/or wisdom beyond what humans are capable of ever understanding in any real or meaningful way, simply because it is often knowledge that exists too far beyond our abilities. Sculptor and prosthetics artist Christopher Conte played on this idea in a very odd looking sculpture of a skull that has a third eye.


Of course, there is more to this sculpture than just a creepy skull with three eyes. The mechanical set up for the three eyes actually includes an iPod playing and looping through war images. The three lenses are set up to divide white light into the three additive primary colours, and it’s clear from looking closely at the eyes that there are moving images of war footage, taken from the documentary “The Color of War.”

The sculpture stands at 12 inches tall, and is 5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. The overall look is very creepy and definitely very cool. Culturally, it is symbolic of the natural progression of humanity towards technology. The head piece is actually a hacked up and rebuilt structure of a large, professional shoulder camera, with a triple lens component that takes video from an iPod which divides and carries the image to the three lenses.

Overall, the piece is very well thought out, and with a lower skull made of polyurethane that’s be stained, it looks very accurate and very unique.

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Via: Wired