What the All-Female Avengers Would Look Like

Sometimes, women feel like they’ve been shortchanged. Looking at the history of mankind, they’re probably right. The latest complaint? Why just one woman on the Avengers team in the film, Scarlett Johansson portraying Black Widow.

So… someone set out to fix that. No, not make an actual movie with an all-female casts. Those always bomb at the box office. A really cool painting, with the credit going to a man actually, Drake Tsui, who drew a nice looking team, with quite a lot in relation to the team that showed up on movie screens this summer, torching the box offices.

So who do we have here?

Spider-Woman: Most of the time Jessica Drew has been wearing the costume, although there was Julia Carpenter, who has also been Arachne and Madame Web; Mattie Franklin and also a supervillain, Charlotte Witter, who went by that name.

American Dream: A knockoff of Captain America, Shannon Carter is the niece of S.H.I.E.L.D agent Sharon Carter (who got together with Cap a time or two), growing up idolizing the suit and the man, eventually becoming a lesser version of him.

Mockingbird: The Avengers movie had Clint Barton, Hawkeye. Mockingbird, also known as Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, has a thing or two in common with Barton.

X-23: X-Men and mutants are allowed on the Avengers, if you weren’t aware, and there are few perfect killers like Laura Kinney, cloned from a damaged copy of Wolverine’s genome.

Valkyrie: You need an Asgardian on the team, Brunnhilde (her real name) would make a perfect fit.

She-Hulk: Instead of a problematic Bruce Banner on your team, why not go with a more rational member of the Hulk crew, Jennifer Walters, who’s also a fine (double meaning) lawyer who can come in handy after destroying a block or two in New York.

Rescue: Instead of Iron Man, get someone in an Iron Man suit, which could be anyone, but Pepper Potts probably suits that role better than any other woman would.