The Incredible Legend Of Zelda Bedroom

When the parents are crafty enough and know what they’re doing, sometimes the kids get rooms so cool that even us “adults” envy them. Such is the case with this Legend of Zelda room.

A couple with an incoming baby had to fix something for their daughter, a toddler who had to go to her own bedroom now. The theme chosen, just so she has the best role models ever both in real life and in fiction, was The Legend of Zelda.

The room features some of the most recognizable locations from the acclaimed video game series, from the Deku tree in the Kokiri forest to Kakariko village with Death Mountain in the background. On top of that, there’s lots of imagery such as items, heart containers, and even swords crammed all around the room. It’s… perfect.

The only thing the room needs now is a Nintendo 64, or a 3DS with the recent Ocarina of Time remake, and it’ll be happy times all the way up until puberty. Man, those are rough times.

Source: The Mary Sue

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