The Apple car and what we know so far

Last weekend both Financial Times and Wall Street Journal reported independently that Apple might be working on a very special project regarding cars.The main idea? It wasn’t about accessories, but about Apple producing their own.

Apple Car 1

Some press outlets around the world are claiming Apple is getting ready to create their first “Apple Car”, with the Cupertino guys recruiting experts and directos of many automotive companies to get the ball going for this ambitious project. And even though the press claims this, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied anything. What is going on?

According to The «Wall Street Journal», one of the most reputable business outlets in the world, the new car will be a reality, and its name is Titan – Apple Titan. It will be an electric car, in direct competition with Tesla who are the biggest creators in the high-end sector. Apple has for a while been discussing the importance of keeping the environment clean and taking care of the planet, so a project like this fights right in with this philosophy.

This information is all leaks and rumors, so nothing is official. Yet, we can’t help but get excited. The car won’t just be a sports car, but a monovolume – but it’s still in development. and that might change. The car is being touted as autonomous and self-driving, like everything Apple, once we think about it.

Steve Jobs himself had dreamed of an Apple Car, declaring to the New York Times once that, “had [he] had more energy, [he] would have attempted it [himself]”. Now Mickey Drexler declared last year that this was definitely spot on, and probably the next step for the Cupertino company.


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