The Avengers Meet Justice League of America

No one expected the Avengers film to be this big. Not using two of Marvel’s biggest character, Spiderman and Wolverine, turned out to be a good idea. Building up the movie with separate ones turned out to be a great idea. $1.3 Billion dollars in the box office so far don’t lie.

The success of the franchise since moving to the big screen as created an overdose of Avengers fan art running across the web, old and new. It seems no one can get enough of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye. And while Disney/Marvel are counting the cash, DC are watching for afar, hoping to get their own franchise on the same road – The Justice League of America, if you forgot.

Deviantart member nomorepalo did this piece of art four years ago, so the character aren’t exactly what you saw in the films. It’s more like what if certain characters from DC and Marvel had superhero children. There’s nothing that steers a geek browsing the internet quite like comic books mashups. At least for a geek like me.

Cheat Sheet

Speederman – Flash and Spiderman’s love child.

Iron Bat – Tony Stark and Iron Man after a night of passion with Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Rich folk like each other.

Asgardian Chick – Thor and Hawkgirl.

Captainman – Superman and Captain America.

She-Woman – She Hulk and Wonder Woman.