13 Awesome Star Wars Costumes & Accessories for Halloween 2015

It’s getting dangerously close to Halloween, and there are still plenty of people out there waiting for the last minute to get a costume or start pimping up their crib for party guests. Take it from us – despite not being creepy or scary in its natural state, making your holiday a Star Wars themed one, be it Star Wars costumes or accessories, will make it a much better one, for you and those you hang out with.

Star Wars Candy Bowls

Zombies and brains have been done to death. It’s better to give the whole ‘eating out of someone’s head’ thing a different twist. Eating out of a Storm Trooper’s helmet? Or even better, doing the same to Darth Vader? A lot better. And let’s be frank: Star Wars beats any zombie-themed show, movie or video game any day of the week. Get it for $7.49

STAR WARS Halloween 5

Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

Cookies taste better out of a specified cookie jar. It’s just the way things work for us human beings. And for Star Wars fans who want to give their kitchen a nice little flashy addition, there’s nothing better than the Death Star as the vessel of tastiness when you feel like a small treat, regardless of the evil connotations we might getting from looking at it. Get it for $23.99

 Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

R2-D2 Fit and Flare Dress

Before we even get into the geeky content of it, white and blue looks good on everyone. When you add the fact that this dress represents R2-D2, the most useful, cutest droid ever conceived in the mind of filmmakers and you get the perfect clothing item to look geeky and cute in at the same time, not something easily achieved. Get it for $44.99

STAR WARS Halloween r2d2

Star Wars Darth Vader Light and Sound Wall Decor

Walking the fine line between scary and super cool, having Darth Vader’s mask hanging from your wall like a hunting trophy, with glowing red eyes and the famous heavy breathing and a few signature lines works wonderfully to set up a Dark Side kind of atmosphere in your room or house when having people over for Halloween. Get it for $14.99

STAR WARS Halloween 8

Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Inflatable

There’s very little to like about Jabba the Hutt, so he makes a perfect character to turn inflatable, which means you can hit him and beat him up as much as you like when trying to vent out some frustration, be it at the boss who pissed you off or some fictional thing bringing you down. Get it for $135.99

STAR WARS Halloween 6

Boba Fett Fleece Robe

While not surviving Return of The Jedi (sorry for the spoiler), Boba Fett is one of the coolest bad guys in the Star Wars universe and in general. Walking out of the shower in a custom robe makes you feel cool for a few seconds. Doing it as a Mandalorian bounty hunter is even cooler. Get it for $49.99

STAR WARS Halloween Boba Fett

Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume

When you don’t feel like putting on too much of an effort for Halloween but actually go without a costume, being a Stormtrooper is probably the perfect solution. The all white does stand out for a short while, but when people realize it’s just those guys that serve as fodder for the Jedi to slice through, they’ll leave you be. Get it for $69.99

STAR WARS Halloween Stormtrooper costumes

Star wars Boba Fett Costume

On the other hand, not everyone wants to be part of the Stormtrooper masses. Standing out is important, yet it doesn’t always take much of an effort. This one-piece lounger isn’t necessarily for going out and partying. It might be even better for when you don’t feel like leaving the house, but still need to feel a connection to your favorite bounty hunter. Get it for $69.99

STAR WARS Halloween Boba Fett costumes

Han Solo Costume A-Line Dress

Just like the Boba Fett lounger, this isn’t just for special occasions. However, unlike the lounger, it’s perfect for going out as well, because the scoundrel/smuggler look works any-day of the week, any hour of the day. The cowboyish charm works quite well in its female version. Get it for $26.99

Han Solo Costume A-Line Dress

Toddler Yoda Costume

Having fun in Halloween isn’t just for you. When you have children, it’s mostly about them. And in order to get them into both the holiday spirit and slowly build up their Star Wars love from a young age, putting them inside a Yoda costume is the way to go. Green, small, cute and awesome, it’s hard to believe this won’t turn your child into the next believer in the Force. Get it for $24.59

Star Wars Yoda Infant Costume

Star Wars Pumpkin Push-In Kit

The most awesome thing about this pumpkin push-in kit isn’t just the Star Wars characters popping out of it. They’re especially awesome because you can use them over and over to turn your favorite fruits and vegetables into Star Wars characters. Get it for $9.99

STAR WARS Halloween 10

Star Wars Garland

What is there to do with a garland like this? Why, everything. Sure, you can use it for Halloween. But it’s good for pretty much every occasion and every day of the week. In short, put it somewhere in your house and never take it down, because you can never have enough Darth Vader and Stormtrooper heads in your life. Get it for $1.99

STAR WARS Halloween 9

Star Wars Death Star Chip & Dip Bowls

Just like the cookie jar, only for salty stuff. Well, it doesn’t have to be salty stuff, but we’re sticking with what we know here. I thought that the Death Star was filled with beeping lights, Storms Troopers, grand moffs and one Darth Vader. Turns out it also contains a whole lot of food, and pretty tasty as well. Get it for $13.99

STAR WARS Halloween 11

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