19 Adorable Christmas Baby Sweaters

Christmas is right around the corner. With that being said, we are also facing the coldest season of the year. So you, dear moms and dads, have the obligation to keep your babies warm and comfortable. Meaning: Christmas sweaters!

As you try to fulfill this responsibility, why not take it up notch and find a really cute sweater that’s in tune with the season? Let us help you through this list of adorable Christmas baby sweaters.

ZOEREA Knitted Reindeer Christmas Sweater


Make Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer come to life by dressing up your kid with this Rudolph-inspired onesie. Your baby may or may not have a red nose, but it comes with a really cute reindeer headgear, making your little one extra adorable!

‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle’ Bodysuit


Mommy and daddy love Harry Potter so you shall wear this one-of-a-kind onesie, cute little muggle. That’s an order!

Meowy Christmas Cute Christmas Bodysuit


Cat lover? Share this vibe through your baby with this “Meowie Christmas” onesie. Look at those cat and fish designs with that “Purr Purr” statement! I’m sure you’d agree that all these put together make this onesie a really cute christmas outfit.

Panda Knitted Christmas Sweater


Make your baby girl’s first Christmas a panda-rrific one by dressing her up with this adorable knitted sweater with a cute panda design.

FEITONG Santa’s Little Helper Top and Pants


Let Santa know that your baby had been good by being a helper in his toy factory. Get this two-piece outfit with a cute reindeer print and you’ll comfortable knowing that your baby stays warm and at the same time, extra adorable.

Xirubaby Santa Claus Christmas Onesie and Hat


Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! While your baby can’t shout like Santa , you can still have a Santa baby at home with this Santa Claus onesie.

Pupik Boys’ Stylish Bear V Polo Sweater


May you and your baby boy have a bear-y merry Christmas while he wears this bear-printed knitted sweater.

‘Your Sweater is Ugly’ Christmas Sweater Outfit


Ugly sweaters may be a thing, but feel free to go against the trend. After all, your baby is too cute to wear ugly sweaters! Get this “your sweater is ugly” outfit that is also matched with a bow-printed leggings.

Misaky Kids Romper and Cap Christmas Set


Here’s another onesie costume option for your baby: A nice green elf outfit matched with a cap to keep your baby warm and cozy, while dressed up for the season.

Christmas Bowtie Cardigan


Formal yet Christmas-y, this is what this outfit is all about. Dress your baby boy with this button-down onesie, which comes with four cute and colorful bowties.

‘Make Christmas Great Again’ Donald Trump Sweater


Let your baby keep up with the times! Just so timely with the recent win of Donald Trump as well as the upcoming Christmas season, dress up your little one with this ‘Make Christmas Great Again sweater.

‘Too Cute To Be On The Naughty List’ Christmas Toddler Fleece Sweatshirt


Let this outfit be a reminder to Santa that your baby is too cute to be on the naughty list. Impossible!

Fur Winter Jacket with Cute Bag


Your little girl will definitely be twice as cute while wearing this pink winter jacket. Why? because this also comes with a bear-eared hood and an adorable bear bag!

‘Winter is Coming’ Onesie


Winter is coming not only in the fictional land of Westeros, but also in our own world. This makes this Game of Thrones-inspired ‘Winter is Coming’ onesie a perfect fit for your baby.

‘Daddy is my Favorite’ Christmas Onesie


How to get your baby on your side? Get this magical “daddy is my favorite” onesie and your kiddo will pick you over mom for the rest of his life!

Carbin Snowman Long Sleeve Sweater


While you can’t go out to build a snowman yet with your little one, you can start off this year just by dressing your baby with a snowman-printed sweater.

Star Wars Baby Christmas Sweater


Let your geekiness reflect in your baby’s cold-weather outfit and get this Star Wars-inspired sweater designed with Darth Vader faces and his Stormtroopers.

Yoyoeule Long Sleeve Christmas Polka Dot Dress


You never know, your little girl may be your soon-to-be ballerina after all! In the meantime, while daydreaming about your baby’s grown up moments, get her this Santa-printed long sleeve tutu dress so she’ll have the Christmas vibe in a really cute way.

Flying Santa Christmas Sweater


All the nice things about Christmas are found in this onesie. So why don’t you share the Christmas spirit with your little one and get him this outfit?