18 Ridiculously Useful Gifts for Bakers

All my friend and family know when it comes to buying me a gift is anything that has to do with baking is welcomed. I consider myself as a baker. I love to bake and test our new products that make baking even more fun. So it made sense to share my passion through this list.


Baking for me is not just about baking cakes and cupcakes, is also about making yummy homemade bread, pastries and of course PIZZA! Searching a baking-related gift can be quite confusing if you are not baking yourself, so guess what; I did the hard work for you :).

Below you’ll find 20 perfect gifts that I’m sure Bakers will love to get this holiday season.

Rotating Cake Stand


A rotating cake stand is a very handy and basic product to have. Sometimes you find yourself missing out the most essential items and if you don’t have a rotating cake stand this is a great gift. You can get it here on Amazon.

Ultimate Professional Cake Decorating Set

For the baker who just loves to make sweest and of course decorate, a decorating cake set can be a very fun gift to get. In this ultimate professional set you’ll get all the essentials to get you started.

best gifts 2016 for bakers Professional Cake Decorating SetIf you have a nice budget, this set is the perfect gift for bakers who also love to decorate

Cheat Sheet Apron

This apron combines both functional information along with humor. It will keep your clothes out of the splash zone while providing you a cheat sheet of measurement conversions. Definitely a fantastic gift!

funny best gifts 2016 for bakers Cheat Sheet Baking Apron with Measurement Conversions

Russian Piping Tips

This set by CrownBake is unique with carefully designed icing tips. Each tip will create a different type of a flower or leaf. If you are looking to take your decorating skills to a whole new level these Russian piping tips are perfect to do just that. You can get it on Amazon.


Battery Operated Flour Sifter

best gifts 2016 for bakers Battery Operated Flour Sifter

A battery operated sifter is one of those little gizmos you need to have in the kitchen. This sifter will do the job for you; you simply press the button and watch the magic happens.

101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

best baker gifts 2016 Wilton 2304-1050 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set101 cookie cutter? Yes, please! Cookies cutter are fun to have. I love to make themed cookies, for birthdays, special occasions and holidays. With this 101 set of cookie cutters the sky is the limit.

Basic Mixing Bowls Measuring Cups

best gifts 2016 for bakers Mixing Bowls Measuring CupsThese are must-have, very basic tools each baker should have.

Gummy Bears Molds

best baker gift 2016 Gummy Bear Molds candy

These extra cool molds will help you make your very own gummy bears! OMG!

Moon Cake Mold Cookie Cutter

best baker gift 2016 Moon Cake Mold Cookie Cutter

If you are searching to give your cookies a more proffesional look, this mold cookie cutter can help you achieve just that. Get it here.

CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand

best baker gift 2016 CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand for ipad and cooking booksThis bookstand is good for your iPad as well as a cookbook, making your baking process easier and faster.

Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press

best baker gift 2016 Cookie Pro Ultra Press

It seems that in the holiday season everybody suddenly becomes bakers and want to bake everyone some cookies. If that is the case, this cookie press is a great little baking gadget to have or give.

Bread Maker

best gift for baker 2016 Expressbake Bread Machine

Baking is not only for cakes and cupcakes, but some bakers also really enjoy making yummy bread. For those bakers, a bread maker can be a great gift. Naturally, you can bake bread without it, but it’s super easy to make bread with a machine that once you try, it’s impossible not to get hooked.

Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer

best baker gift 2016 Speed Classic Stand Mixer

This mixer is like magic; super small but super effective. It also doubles as a hand mixer so you are getting a two-in-one deal.

Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale

best baker gift ideas 2016 Digital Food Kitchen Scale

A Kitchen scale is super useful, and you’d be surprised that a lot of bakers fans don’t have it. This is absolutely one of the best gift ideas for new bakers.

Macaron Kit

best baker gift ideas 2016 Macaron KitMaking Macarons is quite trendy these days. If you are looking to challenge your baker, ask him or her to make you Macarons, This set will help in the process of getting you those yummy treats.

Pizza Pans

Homemade Pizza is simply one of the best things you can bake. Having the right tools for that will make your pizza even more yummy.

best baker gift 2016 ideas Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is one of those must have items if you plan on making lotsa pizza at home. It will make your home pizza a much more professional one and of course crunchier and tastier.

Silicone Dough Scrapers Set

best bakers 2016 gift ideas Silicone Dough Scrapers Set

This Silicone Dough Scrapers Set is both elegant and useful. As a baker it’s very fun to have quality kitchen aids. This set is actually a 2 Pack Multipurpose Scraper with Measuring Scale and Conversion.

Alphabet Letters Number Cake Pan

Alphabet Letters Number Cake PanThis patent pan will help you create almost any shape you wish for when baking a delicious, and awesome looking cake.

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