Bacon-powered motorcycle: ultimate badassery

Just because you’re looking for an alternative to gas doesn’t mean your motorcycle has to go vegan! Check out this ride, actually powered by meat.


Straight from the documentary Driven By Bacon, what you’re seeing in this story is a Diesel motorcycle that uses bacon grease as fuel.



This incredibly sweet ride (or not so sweet, it’s bacon after all) was commissioned by Austin company Hormel, so it is appropriately called the Hormel Black Label Bacon Motorcycle. It runs on B-100 bio-diesel  which in turn converts from bacon waste. That means, if you’re having bacon every morning for breakfast, that will also power your bike.


In the end, bike fuel comes to only $3.50 per gallon, and the bike will run 75-100 miles with it. Still, the best part is that the bike allegedly leave a trail of bacon smell as it is driven around. Guess we don’t need to buy perfume anymore, huh? Hormel is looking for a willing bacon lover who drives it from Austin, MN to San Diego, CA, so be sure to do some research, that can be you!

Via Technabob

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