Scrooser Bike-Segway Hybrid Propels People on Concrete Waves

Fat wheels give people more confidence when riding a two-wheel vehicle. Still, that’s not the best thing about Scrooser, but the self-propulsion assisted by an electric motor might be.

Scrooser is more than just a hybrid between bikes and Segways, as there is also a bit of a child’s scooter in the mix. The pulse operation mode that sets this vehicle apart from his siblings implies kicking the ground for an impulse drive, after which the electric motor kicks in to provide a speed boost.

Jens Thieme, the creator of this new type of vehicle, admits that designing the frame geometry of Scrooser was quite the challenge. Free-form 3D bending was used for giving a shape to each of the two halves that make up the frame.

In numbers, Scrooser weighs 28 kg, can transport a payload of up to 125 kg, features a 250W engine and a 1000W hub motor, has a maximum speed of 25km/15mph and can take people 35km/22 miles away after having its Li-ion battery charged for 1-3 hours, depending on the charger. The ImpulseDrive increases the range to 55km/34miles. Green heads will be delighted to learn that this vehicle also has an Eco Mode. Running it in this mode will save battery power, thus allowing people to use the Scrooser for up to 25 days. As the designer stated, “You can ride it at 6 mph, a perfect pace to maneuver through pedestrian-filled sidewalks, but feel free to race cyclists on bike paths at a maximum speed of up to 15 mph.”

Scrooser was featured on Kickstarter and got funded on July 10 at a rate of 150%. Since Jens Thiemé‘s new breed of urban bike weighs so much, it will be rather interesting to see how backers will get their product. Early birds had the chance to reserve themselves a Scrooser by backing the project with at least $3,950. Needless to say, the retail price for this vehicle will definitely be higher than that.

Having never learned how to ride a bike properly (I know, shame on me!), I would be tempted to give Scrooser a try. Even though it cannot cover large distances, it inspires stability and a lot of control, things that are always needed when riding a two-wheel vehicle.

The developers of this unique bike are currently working on improving the electronics of the progressive impulse drive electric motor, so chances are – if you backed the project on Kickstarter, you will probably get a version that performs better than what you see in the above video.

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