12 Awesome Batman & Superman Toys to Geek Up Your Room

With Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out this month, it provides a good reminder for fans of the DC Comics characters that don’t have too much in their house dedicated to the two favorite heroes, that there are some pretty awesome toys out there that can really brighten up your room or home.

Yes, that includes a Glow in the Dark set of vinyl figures. There’s also a Superman that actually flies around, thanks to the Helicopter mode. And while some love to have big doll houses, there’s a nice little counter to that: A freakin awesome batcave.

Batman Dawn of Justice Mask

Batman Dawn of Justice Mask

People are going to argue about the Ben Affleck being a good or bad Batman for a very long time after the movie comes out, but it’s hard to argue that this version of the mask is extremely cool. It comes with voice changing technology, which is all you really want in a from-the-movies-mask. Available for $29.99.

Superman Helicopter

Superman Helicopter


Not a drone, but a Superman helicopter made by World Tech Toys. Instead of holding a Superman doll in your hand and make flying sounds, why not just fly him around using a remote control? Available for $23.16.

Batcave Toy

Batcave Toy

An excellent, elaborate playset consisting of three pads that open up when you turn it on, that includes a transforming Batcave playset, Batman and The Joker figures and armor and projectile launcher. It’s available for $49.

Gund DC Comics Superman Griffin

Superman Dog


Superman as a dog? I’m sold. No, but really, Clark Kent has something cute going on, but as plushy stuff animal, he’s a lot more awesome. Costs $16.19.

Batman LEGO Alarm Clock

Batman Alarm Clock

Is an alarm clock a toy? At some point it becomes one, as you toss it across the room to make it shut up and stop trying to make you wake up for work. It certainly makes your room more Batman-friendly, if that’s what you’re going for. Available for $19.90.

Funko Superman POP Heroes

Funko Superman POP Heroes

There’s something so cute about the Funko Superman POP Heroes toy, it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with it. It brings out the innocence in the Man of Steel instead of his muscles, which is kind of refreshing. Costs $8.56.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: Batman vs Superman Edition

Rock 'em Sock 'Em Robots Superman vs Batman


Well, Batman and Superman will be going at it in the movie, so why not in real life, with toys specifically made for beating each other up? Just let their two massive egos slug it out until one falls of the platform. Available for $24.98.

Superman Silicone Teether

Superman Logo Silicon Teether

The Superman teether is a nice way for parents to start installing the geek-love software with their children at a very early age. If you’re baby is going to bite down on something during his/hers more painful moments, why not make it a nice, Kryptonian S, which actually isn’t an S at all? Available for $6.99.

DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO

DC Comics Clash of Super Heroes Lego


While this is basically another way to make the Batman and Superman figures fight, it comes with a more elaborate setting you can build yourself. The LEGO set includes a rotating and exploding Bat-Signal, a detachable barrier, Armored Batman minifigure launch stick function, and translucent elements. It also has Armored Batman’s silver Batarang and his 3-in-1 buildable stud-shooting bazooka weapon, which can be converted into 2 smaller guns: a stud-shooting gun and a grapple hook gun. Available for $12.34.

Superman Cape… On a Chair

Superman Chair Cape

A Superman Cape on a chair. That’s the whole idea. Sounds simple, right? Right. But is it fun? Well, when you’re working for home or spend long hours in front of a computer, you can’t imagine how fun it is to drop everything and go on five-wheeled joy ride around the office or home while the cape whirls behind you and the Superman music plays in your head. Available for $19.61.

Batman vs Superman Glow in the Dark

Batman vs Superman Glow in the Dark

A Superman vs Batman toy that’s not about the two of them fighting. Revolutionary, right? Well, they probably do stop fighting at one point during the movie I guess. I wonder if Superman knows that green isn’t very good for him. But on the other hand, they need to look like Ghouls from Fallout in order to light up your room in the dark. Available for $29.69.

Superman Tool Belt

Superman Tool Belt

It’s not canon, and Superman doesn’t wear a toolbelt. But for those not obsessed with getting every detail of their favorite comic book hero right and just want to goof around (meaning=kids), a Superman tool belt is a pretty cool idea. Available for $35.

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