Surf’s Up! – ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel

Never get sand in your cartridge slot with this Game Boy-themed beach towel.

Beach Boy towel image 2

In the midst of the summer season, especially with the record scorching temps around the country, going to the beach sounds like brilliant idea. Protip if you do plan on heading to the shore though: don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a beach towel.

And if you’re looking for a kind of beach towel to alert those around you of your geeky passions – say, gaming – then have an item just for you; presenting the Beach Boy, a comfy 100% cotton beach towel that closely resembles Nintendo’s famed portable.

Beach Boy towel image 1

Logically, you might notice a few differences between the two – obviously, not being able to play games on it or having to worry about keeping AA batteries – but overall this snappy beach accessory is a awesome way to show off your videogame love proudly.

ThinkGeek has the Beach Boy towel for $19.99 USD right now through their online portal, a pretty killer price point duders. Hmm, no sign if they’ll have a Beach Boy Color in the works, but maybe when the tech becomes cheaper they will make just that.

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