Smartphone-Controlled i-H2GO Toy Car Runs on Hydrogen

It might take a while till we see full-size hydrogen-powered cars running on our streets, but until then I guess we will have to make due with toy cars controlled via smartphones.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is not a new name in the world of cars that use alternative fuel. In 2006, they exhibited the H-Racer fuel cell-powered toy car, and in 2008 they collaborated with Corgi International to create a remote-controlled version of that car. This time, the company has in store for us a hydrogen-powered toy car that not only is controlled remotely, but done so via an iOS smartphone or tablet. The latest member of the family, which reunites the above capabilities is named i-H2GO.

Similar to its predecessor, i-H2GO features a photovoltaic panel and a refueling station. The car itself and the refueling station both have blue see-through cases. This detail, along with the overall design makes everything about the i-H2GO look very futuristic.

Powering the car is very simple and can be easily done by kids, too. Tap water is inserted in the refueling station. The photovoltaic panel will electrolyze the water, causing it to split into oxygen and the element used for powering the car, hydrogen. Next, this element is pumped into the car where it gets converted to electricity. Everything is clear and simple, but what happens when it’s cloudy outside? After all, the photovoltaic panel needs solar energy to work. Well, in that case you will have to power the refueling station via a USB cable. While this solution is no longer 100% eco-friendly, it’s still something, as the car itself still uses alternative energy.

After providing the energy i-H2GO needs, users will have to install an app on their iPhone or iPad in order to control the car, as the whole thing is done via Wi-Fi. Hopefully, an Android version of the app will soon be available.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies claims that this is the world’s most advanced RC car. I’m not going to deny that, as I’ve never seen anything like it before. Check out the following video to see the i-H2GO in action. On-screen controls are used for steering and accelerating. As an alternative, the gyroscope sensor of the iPhone/iPad can be used for going left or right.

Would you like to buy such a technologically advanced RC car? There are some good news for you, then! The manufacturer will start selling the i-H2GO on August 15 at the price of $180.

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