6 Best Blenders for 2017

With the growing hype of natural and healthy food and drinks, blenders and juicers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. For versatility and more functionality, blenders are often the crowd favorite. Why not? It has been an essential item in our kitchen over the years. If you don’t have one yet, it’s not too late to invest. We have searched for the best blenders on the market. Don’t go through 2017 without one. It is really a fantastic product to help you out make delicious and healthy snacks. It also helps you lose weight and get the figure you have been dreaming of. So what are you waiting for? Check out this list and go get one for yourself!

NutriBullet PRO Blender/Mixer

2017 Best Blender NutriBullet PRO Blender/Mixer

As the name implies, this personal blender is a great advocate for healthy and nutritious snacking. You get more than a single typical blender, but a 15 piece set. If that’s not adding value to your money, then what is? It’s quick and easy to use with its no-brainer operation–just push, twist and you’re ready to go!

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

2017 Best Blender Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

full-sized blender, this is a familiar looking item since it looks exactly like your traditional blender at home, only more modern. Actually, the physical appearance is not the only thing that makes this blender more advanced. The progress of technology made it easier to use and also made it more robust and durable. The buttons are also easy-touch. Still skeptic? Get one and you’ll see.

Ninja Professional Blender

2017 Best Blender Ninja Professional Blender

You know what makes the difference of adding the word “professional” to your household items? It’s the power of the motor! This powerful blender is a great item to add to your kitchen because it makes life so easy. It features a total crushing technology so you get the best “commercial-like” smoothies in seconds. Make your parties in 2017 perfect with this blender.

Ninja Master Prep

2017 Best Blender Ninja Master Prep

This is not an ordinary blender. It’s actually much more. You can use it to chop and dice veggies and fruits. The best thing about the Ninja Master prep is the position of the blades, solving the problem of your top ingredients not getting sliced with most ordinary blenders. This one is anything but.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender with Glass Jar and Chopper

2017 Best Blender Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender with Glass Jar and Chopper

This is a more practical version of a blender/chopper in one kitchen item. The settings and buttons look exactly like your traditional blender. It’s just more classy and easier to use. The materials used are also built to last. If you are trying to save money, get this one without sacrificing quality.

Magic Bullet Blender

This personal blender is not only cute, but also features different functionality so you can- chop, mix and blend. The size is also convenient for storage and packing. Many people use it for the grab, shake, and take functionality. Make a healthy drink just before or after you hit the gym. It’s a cool and practical blender to have.


Technology is advancing daily. What you consider as awesome today can be obsolete the next day. That is also true with of our household items. The secret of getting the best value for your money in 2017 is RESEARCH. Check with reviews and comments from people you trust. New is not always better. Go for something that is modern yet proven effective by many people. That’s how smart people roll.