Top 12 Geeky Ice Cube Trays

Ice, ice baby! Yep, this one is all about ice. All of us love sipping our beverages cold especially when it comes to water, juice or beer. Imagine you are hosting a party, or your family comes over for a delicious meal and you are out of nice and cold drinks. Fortunately, with these geeky ice cube trays, you’re not getting some ordinary ice, but “cool” ice.

Who would have thought preparing ice cubes could be this interesting? Your friends or family will definitely enjoy their cold drink and at the same time, they will love looking at these cool ice cubes while taking a sip. Scroll down and see these top 12 geeky ice cube trays every nerdy person will love.

1. Froz Ice Ball Maker

Instead of a cube, this one is sphere!IceBallMaker

This one comes far from the traditional ice cubes. It creates a slow-melting ice sphere. It is perfect for parties, summer, picnics or meals at home. It can make four stylish and elegant looking ice balls at a time and releases easily from the silicone ice mold tray without cracking.

2. Super Mario Ice Cube Tray

You can save a hot day just like saving Princess Peach!SuperMario

Well, if you have this coolest ice cube tray then I bet your freezer is full of ice! It is a silicone ice cube tray featuring characters and designs from the classic Super Mario Brothers series including coins, mushrooms, question blocks and of course, Mario and Luigi.

3. Batman Rubber Ice Cube Tray

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” -Batman


Batman is right. It’s not about what kind of ice it is, but what it can do for us. This one is for Batman fans out there. You will certainly love this one because you can also use it to mold candies and chocolates. Yep, Batman rocks!

4. Handgun Ice Cube Tray

Indeed, you’ll need a handgun-shaped ice for your drink.


Obviously, this one is a little bit odd but unique. Be awesome and make a killer drink with this handgun-shaped silicon ice cube tray. It can make 6 ice cubes at a time. It is perfect for people who love guns!

5. Witty Novelty Tetromino Ice Cube Tray

I bet every gamer started with Tetris and would definitely love this.LegoIceTray

This witty tetromino ice cube tray will give you the nostalgia feels. Taking you back on the years when you play all day on your brick game. This ice cube tray makes different tetromino shapes.

6. Skull and Crossbones Ice Cube Tray

This one is fairly odd but I know some people will definitely love this!


Obviously, this one is perfect for Halloween parties. Each tray can make four skulls and four crossbones. Both kids and adults will love to have one of this in their drinks.

7. 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray

It’s a skull again, but on 3D! You can’t say no to this! As much as it’s weird to see a floating head on your drink, it looks creepily cool.

Skull On Beer

This skull-shaped ice cube tray gives you the 3D experience on your drinks. It can make your drink look really awesome and fun. It is great for parties, bars, summer, holiday events, and as a Halloween gift.

8. Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Tray

Of course, Star Wars fans can have their own ice cube tray also!

Star Wars Beer Cup

It is made of a silicon mold that can be divided into two. With its unique design, every star wars fan would definitely want one of this!

9. Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

How about this odd and unique ice cube tray? I know you want this!

Doctor Who Ice Tray

The fine design and the clear texture make your works vivid and lively. You can also use it to make chocolates or candies. It is microwave, oven, and freezer safe. You can make anything with this miraculous mold.

10. Brain Ice Cube Tray

Make sure to get ready for the incoming zombies once you got this!

Zombie Iced Tray

With this witty design, not just zombies would love it. Each tray can make 4 brains designed ice. It’s also perfect for Halloween parties together with that skull ice!

11. Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Diamond Iced Cube

Can you imagine that you are so rich and classy, and your ice is made of diamonds? Well obviously, that’s not possible. But you can have a diamond shaped ice instead! Each tray makes 4 nicely sized 25ml ice diamonds.

12. Bullet Ice Cube Tray

What’s a gun without a bullet?


Who wouldn’t be surprised if they saw a bullet in their drink? It is an ideal gift for your dad, husband or weapons fans and firearms lovers. It is also perfect for parties, bars, pubs and holiday events.

And there you have it, some of the coolest ice cube trays. Keep in mind they aren’t used for ice alone, but they can be used for baking. So, get all the geeky shaped ice or cupcakes that you love!