10 Best Christmas Tree Decorations and Ornaments For Geeks

One of the nice ways of celebrating the Christmas season is through decorating our houses with garlands, ornaments and of course, a Christmas tree. Since Christmas is upon us, most people are probably preparing or have prepared to decorate their Christmas trees to make it more festive for the season.

If you are a geek for something and you are one of these people who are into Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, why not do away with the normal Christmas balls? Give your house more character by adding some Christmas tree decorations for geeks! After all, we are all into something, right? It could be your favorite show, character or a hobby. Let that show in your Christmas tree decorations!

To help you out in this goal, we’ve put together a list of geeky Christmas tree decorations  that may represent the things or character you love. 

You still have time to add those accents to your Christmas trees, so take a look at the Christmas tree decorations for geeks here:

1) Circuit Board Christmas Tree Decoration

Are you into electronic stuff like computers and laptops or deal with circuit boards as part of your profession? How about having these circuit board Christmas tree ornaments as part of your decoration at home?

This circuit board Christmas tree decoration is made of real circuit board and is also available in different shapes such as snow man, star, heart and bell. The tree, star and snowman shaped decorations are available in either green or gold board. 

2) Rick & Morty Figure Ornament Set 

Rick and Morty’s funny scientific and outer space adventures has made a following and no wonder a lot of people have become Rick and Morty geeks. If you’re one of them, it could be an interesting idea to decorate your Christmas tree with Rick and Morty ornaments, don’t you agree? 

These Rick and Morty Christmas tree ornaments come as a set: Rick measures 4.5 inches tall, while Morty measures 3.5 inches tall. They come with a loop and hanging cord, too, making it easier for you to display them on your Christmas tree. 

3) Doctor Who Tardis Blow Mold Plastic Ornament

While we can’t jump through time in real life, at least Doctor Who fans can have this Tardis time machine as a decoration to their Christmas trees. Great for Doctor Who geeks who followed the long-running science fiction show. 

This Tardis Christmas tree ornament measures 4.5 x 2 x 2 and would also work great as a Christmas gift to your friends.

4) Albert Einstein E=Xmas Glass Christmas Ornament

Meanwhile, if you’re a physicist or a chemist or just into serious scientific exploration, Albert Einstein probably is your spirit animal. If you fall into any of those categories, this might be the geeky Christmas ornament for you. It comes with a little humor with the E=Xmas equation, to make it more apt for the season. 

This Albert Einstein Christmas tree ornament is a 3×3-inch Christmas ball made of premium blown glass with a silver crown and silver string on top. The The glass bulb is also made to look like a chalkboard. 

The item is also packaged in unopened collectors retail box, making it an interesting gift for science geeks you know. 

5) The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Many have followed the long-running thriller than is the Walking Dead and the adventures of Rick Grimes. If you’re one of those who liked this apocalyptic show, this can be a nice ornament for your Christmas tree. 

This Christmas tree ornament is also pre-packaged if you want to give this as a gift to to other Walking Dead geeks like you. 

6) Planet of The Apes Keepsake Ornament

There has been a Planet of the Apes film for every generation. Having said that, if this is one of the film series you share enjoyment with your family, having this Planet of the Apes ornament from Hallmark can be a good addition to your Christmas tree. 

7) Hallmark’s Death Star Tree Topper

The galactic story of Star Wars never died through the years — a story that created a huge following and a ton of Star Wars geeks. So, how can you signify that geekery for Star Wars? Well, how about a Death Star as a focal point of your Christmas tree?

This Death Star, which measures 6.3 inches in diameter, is not just a simple Christmas tree topper. It also has a remote control that allows you to see the Death Star illuminate and hear the Star Wars: Main Title and “The Imperial March.” It also connect to Hallmark’s universal adapter, which is included in the set. Separately, you can also buy Hallmark’s Magic Cord and connect the Death Star tree topper to it to see the continuous light effect. 

It also comes with a gift box in case you want to give this as a present to a fellow Star Wars geek. Get this here.

8) Elvis Presley with Eagle Cape Jumpsuit Ornament

A lover of 70s music such as Elvis Presley’s? This can be a perfect ornament for your Christmas tree. This officially-licensed Elvis ornament is approximately 4.5 inches tall. You can get this here.

9) Circuit Board Wreath Geeky Christmas Ornament

Here’s another style of circuit board Christmas tree ornament for computer geeks: a wreath made of circuit board. This green recycled circuit board was cut into a is 2 and a half inches tall wreath. It also has a red ribbon and a red satin cord.

Buyers have an option to buy just a piece or a three-piece pack. Get this here.

10) Hallmark’s Marvel Avengers Captain America Christmas Tree Ornament

Into Marvel superheroes? How about this Captain America ornament for your Christmas tree? This Christmas tree from Hallmark measures 2 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches and is made of resin. This Christmas tree ornament is also packaged in a gift-ready box if you want to surprise another Captain America geek.

Hope our list of Christmas tree decorations for geeks help beautify your or a friends Christmas tree. Let us know your thoughts below.

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