40 Best Cool & Geeky T-Shirts

awesome geeky shirts for geeks

A new year, a new look: It’s 2017, so it means new movies, video games, TV shows, or simply new seasons, are coming out. It’s better to be prepared with a new batch of super cool and geeky t-shirts.

From your classic nerdy t-shirts of things like Doctor Who and anything Star Wars, to Pokemon t-shirts enjoying a renaissance thanks to Pokemon Go, we tried to make this list as encompassing as possible, crossing genres and themes so everyone will be able to find something they like.

Star Wars The Last Jedi T-Shirt

Star Wars Episode VIII will the 2017 Star Wars film and will be called ‘The Last Jedi’. It’s good to come to the premiere prepared, and wearing the right t-shirt.

Spider-Man Homecoming T-Shirt

In 2017, Spider-Man is getting another reboot, with a new Peter Parker, new Aunt May and a new villain to chase around. There’s also a new logo, which means a whole new crop of t-shirts to look at.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon T-Shirt

For an extra nerdy t-shirt for when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out, why not go with the comic book cover for Rocket Raccoon #1?

Game of Thrones ‘Donald Trump is Coming’ T-Shirt

In 2017, Donald Trump is going to show the world what the direction his presidency will take America in. Whether you’re for or against him, it should be interesting. Just like the before-last season of Game of Thrones.

Spider-Man Classic T-Shirt

While it is 2017 and there is a new movie coming out, there’s nothing wrong with going classic on a t-shirt.

Red Dead Redemption 2 T-Shirt

To me, the most important game coming out in 2017 is Red Dead Redemption 2. The t-shirt is already ready for my first playthrough.

Wonder Woman Ladies T-Shirt

An interesting take on a classic Wonder Woman logo, which is going to show up on a lot of t-shirts come the time for the Gal Gadot movie to be released.

Make America Groot Again T-Shirt

I love the combinations of geeky t-shirts and a little something from politics. In the case of Groot, he really does need to become big again one day.

Women’s Spider-Man T-shirt

A cute and sexy top for the lady Spidey fans.

Stranger Things Barb Women’s T-Shirt

I still don’t understand how Barb became such a huge pop culture phenomenon, but in 2017 she’ll remain one of the best t-shirts out of Stranger Things you can get.

Old Man Logan T-Shirt

The Logan Wolverine film coming out in 2017 will be the final Hugh Jackman appearance in the X-Men franchise. It’s based on the Old Man Logan comic book, which makes for one awesome t-shirt.

Wonder Woman V-Neck T-Shirt

Wonder Woman has something retro about her, so giving the t-shirt a less nerdy look and more varsity team design works well with the purposely worn out logo.

Mass Effect Andromeda T-Shirt

One of the biggest events of 2017 in the world of video games will be the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which gives you a good reason to be prepared and get the matching t-shirt.

Old Man Logan Cartoon T-Shirt

On this t-shirt, Wolverine really looks like the Punisher.

Guardians of the Galaxy Retro T-Shirt

My favorite aspect of Guardians of the Galaxy is the mix between outer space-futuristic and the retro 70’s. This geeky t-shirt does a great job of capturing that seamless blend.

Mass Effect N7 T-Shirt

But if you don’t want to limit yourself to just one game, walking around with an N7 t-shirt to show your love for Mass Effect is just fine.

Logan Poster T-Shirt

You don’t have to be subtle when showing your excitement about the 2017 Wolverine movie. You can simply get a shirt with the film’s poster.

Wonder Woman Black T-Shirt

A more modern look for the Wonder Woman t-shirt, who could end up being the most talked about superhero in 2017.

Harry Potter Wanted Poster T-Shirt

Bellatrix Lestrange makes for one awesome wanted poster on a t-shirt. Harry Potter remain as popular as ever in 2017, with or without the new Fantastic Beasts movies.

Star Wars FN-2187 T-Shirt

It’ll be really interesting the direction in which the Finn character goes in The Last Jedi. I love this t-shirt of the bloody stormtrooper helmet, one of the most powerful moments in the previous film.

Dumbledore Quote T-Shirt

Listening to Albus Dumbledore and reading his quotes on t-shirts is a great way to successfully glide through life.

Game of Thrones Castle Black Women’s T-Shirt

Jon Snow doesn’t strike me as the naughtiest of people, but turns out bad girls want to spend a cozy winter up at Castle Black with him, according to this t-shirt at least.

Nine and Three Quarters T-Shirt

A cool t-shirt keeping Harry Potter’s fantastical magical legacy alive in 2017, whether you’re on a train platform or not.

Ghost in the Shell T-Shirt

In 2017, Hollywood is going to try and bring one of the best Anime creations ever made and turn it into a geek trend that crosses over from anime nerds and into the mainstream. These t-shirts will help too.

Stranger Things Poster T-Shirt

A poster t-shirt might not shout originality, but it’s cool and when it comes to Stranger Things, gets the message across.

Pikachu Flash T-Shirt

Pikachu and Flash on the same t-shirt is one of the best crossover ideas that geeks would love to see in 2017. Too bad it’s just a t-shirt.

Star Wars BB-8 T-Shirt

Hatin’ on BB-8? It probably depends on which side of the galactic war you’re on. Audiences and the resistance can’t get enough of their cute droid. I want to see Luke wearing this t-shirt.

Pokemon Snorlax T-Shirt

This sleeping Snorlax t-shirt is ideal for the more lazy Pokemon trainers.

Game of Thrones Crows Before Hoes T-Shirt

As this t-shirt so eloquently states, stick to your Night’s Watch mates and don’t look for whores down in Mole’s town. Take that and apply it to your existence in 2017.

Pokemon Trainer T-Shirt

In these days of Pokemon Go, flaunting your Pokemon trainer status on a t-shirt is a very cool thing to do.

Stranger Things Dustin Chocolate Pudding T-Shirt

The coolest dude in the group of Stranger Things’ kids is Dustin. He’s awesome in 8-bit too, which is what makes this t-shirt so cool.

Alien: Covenant T-Shirt

A new Alien movie by Ridley Scott is a good reason to make some wardrobe changes.

Dr. Who Psychadelic TARDIS t-shirt

While this ladies t-shirt reminds me of London in the swinging 60’s more than anything, it’s a wonderful collection to any nerd t-shirt admirer in 2017 too.

The Dark Tower T-Shirt

The Dark Tower will be another medium crossover event in 2017, with the Stephen King series getting a major motion picture adaptation. Get your t-shirts ready.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Women’s T-Shirt

This t-shirt for the ladies is an awesome way to get ready for the biggest video game release of 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Blade Runner Tyrell Corp T-Shirt

With a new Blade Runner film coming out in 2017 (although it will be called 2049), making some additions to your geeky clothing roster in the form of a Blade Runner themed t-shirt isn’t a bad idea.

Who Watches the Watchmen T-Shirt

While there’s no new Watchmen material coming out in 2017, this t-shirt and the source material is more relevant than ever.

Doctor Who Tardis T-Shirt

It’s 2017, and Doctor Who t-shirts are still something that’s nerdy, geeky and cool all at once.

Blade Runner Origami Unicorn T-Shirt

A neat piece of symbolism to have on a shirt, with the new Blade Runner movie and all.