Geekiest & Funniest Valentine’s Day Cards 2017

The most important thing about a Valentine’s Day Card? Making it a funny one, and it’s even better when it has a little geeky touch.

So whether you wanna surprise your significant other (or just someone you’re trying to turn into one) with a quirky little card, you can go funny, or you can go funny & geeky. Just make sure you follow one of our recommendations.

Wrapped in Bacon Valentine’s Day Card

bacon-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: MAJIKATZ

Bacon makes everything better and everyone sexier, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Stranger Things Eleven Valentine – Funny Valentine’s Day Card

stranger-things-eleven-valentine-funny-valentines-day-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: MAJIKATZ

If you get past the nosebleeds, taking a girl like Eleven out on a Junior High Valentine’s Day date is pretty awesome.

Walter White Valentine’s Day Card

breaking-bad-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: NostalgiaCollect

No one makes a batch of Valentine’s Day Cards like good ol’ WW.

I’m Over You – I’m Over-the-Moon in Love Valentine’s Day Card

funny-valentines-day-cards-2017-5Image via: FINCHandHARE

This card does have a happy twist if you open it. To me it’ll always be about that famous scene with Ross & Rachel in ‘Friends’. “When were you under me?”

Maple Syrup and Waffles Valentine’s Day Card

maple-syrup-and-waffles-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: NostalgiaCollect

They say that in Canada that’s the most romantic thing you can possibly say to a person.

Big Bang Theory Valentine’s Day Card

valentines-day-card-big-bang-theory-2017-funnyImage via: averycampbellART

That’s one of the most romantic things Sheldon Cooper can ever say.

Husband = Hot Date for Life Valentine’s Day Card

funny-valentines-day-card-husband-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: GrimmAndProperMade for those who don’t make marriage feel like a burden after a few years.

Wine & Netflix Valentine’s Day Card

funny-valentines-day-cards-2017-3Image via: NostalgiaCollect

When there’s a lot of wine on Netflix night, you usually don’t end up watching the entire movie.

After my Cat Valentine’s Day Card

best-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: KatFrenchDesign

Despite their inability to show love or appreciation most of the time, cats tend to come first in most scenarios.

Pikachu Valentine’s Card

pikachu-valentines-card-geeky-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: playerNo2

Even for people who don’t love Pokemon, a Pikachu Valentine’s Day card is one of the cutest things imaginable.

BB-8 Valentines Card

star-wars-valentines-card-bb8-valentines-card-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: playerNo2

The cutest droid in a galaxy far, far away makes the perfect galvanizer for a great Valentine’s Day, which kicks off with the right Valentine’s Day card.

Jon Snow Valentine’s Day Card

game-of-thrones-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: NostalgiaCollect

If only Ygritte was still around to get a Valentine’s Day card from Jon Snow

Rolling the Eyes Valentine’s Day Card

5-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: KnottyCards

The more eye rolling in a relationship, the healthier it is. Still need to say I’m sorry once a year.

Dwight Schrute Love Is Anti-Valentine — Nerdy The Office Valentine’s Day Card

dwight-schrute-love-is-anti-valentine-nerdy-the-office-valentines-day-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: MAJIKATZ

Some people get through the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day by showing how much they’re against it. If it works, why not?

Funny Bake Off Card • Soggy Bottom Birthday Card

funny-bake-off-card-%e2%80%a2-soggy-bottom-birthday-card-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: averycampbellART

When I hear soggy bottom, I prefer to think of the band from ‘Oh Brother Where art Thou’.

I Love You More Than Pizza Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Valentine’s Day Card

geeky-i-love-you-more-than-pizza-card-teenage-mutant-ninja-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017Image via: playerNo2

On Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to be funny. You can be sweet, and it’ll be enough.

You’re the X to my O Valentine’s Day Card

best-funny-valentines-day-cards-2017-2Image via: SiouxAlice

I don’t want to write the words that these gestures mean, but they’re both funny and romantic, in a way at least.

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