15 Best Geeky Baby Mobiles For Your Nursery

A nursery mobile is the ideal choice for your baby’s room decoration. It’s really amazing to see how a small thing such as a crib mobile can go a long way in accessorizing and decorating your nursery.

Adding a unique and super geeky mobile to your baby’s room is totally awesome. The baby mobiles in this list can be hang above your baby’s crib, but pretty much anywhere in the room to add some chic piece of decor to it.

Star Wars Baby Mobile

Star Wars decor is the hottest item when it comes to decorating your nursery in a geeky way. This Star Wars Baby mobile was cut and sewn by hand. It has a very high quality feel, and is lightly filled with hypoallergenic polyester filling.

Marvel Super Heroes Comic Baby Nursery Mobile

If you are planning a comic-book, Marvel or DC kinda nursery, adding this Superheros mobile is fantastic! This mobile is featuring 5 superheroes, Batman, Superman, IronMan, Spiderman and Wolverine. Each hero has their own symbol or logo attached to it.

Pokemon Crochet Nursery Mobile

This super cute baby nursery has 5 crocheted pieces of the cutest Pokemon characters: Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and a Pokemon ball.

Baby Crib Mobile Simpsons

This Simpsons mobile can be a great gift idea for a baby shower; this will probably will be the talk of the day at that party also. While it’s not as funny as it once was, it’s hard to find someone on this planet who doesn’t know The Simpsons or will think this mobile is cute.

Nursery Star Trek Space Mobile

Trekkies that want to continue the legacy going can do it pretty much from birth, if they get this Baby Star Trek nursery mobile. This Sci-Fi mobile includes 5 characters from Star Trek along with some stars and the famous Star Trek logo.

Dr. Who Baby Mobile

Can someone please call the doctor and order me this mobile?! This over the moon inspired by the famous Dr. Who science-fiction series baby mobile, is rocking all the iconic Dr. Whelementsts, Tardis, Dalek, Cybermen and River along with some star and moon elements.

Amigurumi Robot Baby Mobile set

This mobile is all about robots, which makes it super geeky and even techy. The mobile has 5 different known robot characters: Wall-e, Eve, Baymax, Android and Sweet Robot.

Superhero Baby Crib Mobile

In this Marvel superhero baby crib mobile, you’ll find Wonder Woman, Captain America, Hulk, Batman, Superman and to each superhero, a yellow star is added, to make this mobile even more colorful and fun.

The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Crochet Nursery Mobile

The Legend of Zelda inspired crib mobile is made out of 9 crocheted pieces, including the Triforce, Hylian sword, Hylian shield, bomb, ocarina, four rupees and more. If you are planning a video game nursery of, this unique Nintendo baby mobile is for you.

Harry Potter Baby Crib Mobile

We didn’t forget Harry Potter fans when thinking of this list. If you are planning a Harry Potter inspired nursery or just love to add some magic to your baby’s crib, this mobile can be great. The mobile has 5 of the series famous characters: Phoenix, Harry Potter, Dobby, Hedwig and the Wizard Sorting Hat.

Nursery Decor Mobile – TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This mobile is totally rocking the 80’s style, featuring the loved and super cute Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The mobile includes, of course, the famous foursome. Each little fellow has a belt with his initials on it: Very Cute!

Super Mario Bros Baby Crib Mobile

How cool is it to combine a Super Mario baby mobile in your nursery? Very cool! This mobile is features Yoshi, green and red 1-up mushroom and some awesome Super Mario characters.

UP Mobile Baby Mobile

This mobile is super colorful and has 5 characters from the movie Up. With Carl, Russell, Dug, Kevin, Carl’s House and a bunch of balloons this mobile is super neat and geeky.

Toy Story Baby Mobile

The Toy Story mobile features 5 characters from the movie Toy Story. Buzz, Woody, Mr. Potato, T-Rex, Soldier and more stuff from Andy’s room.

Crochet Happy Minions Baby Mobile

Get some groove with this Minions baby mobile.  This is probably the cutest minion related item you’ll ever have.

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