21 Geeky Furniture Designs for Your Room

Being a geek, you must have wondered how it is possible to decorate your room to suit your tastes and needs. Actually, it is not that difficult to do so, and all you would need to do is, list down what you like: video games, comics, gadgets or even certain types of geeky movies. Once you have the list, you could hunt for furniture that is inspired by what you like, or begin to mod furniture yourself.

If you are well loaded, you could commission a furniture designer to create shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, and stools that are inspired by the geeky theme you like. Here is a list of 21 geeky furniture design for your room which are categorized under various geeky sub-themes, and these might inspire you to decorate your room likewise.

Geeky Furniture

There are different types of geeky furniture, and they could be inspired by science & technology, or popular geeky themes and culture. Take a look at these geeky furniture here.

geeky Rubik-Cube-Living-Room

The Rubik’s Cube Table is a wonderful table that would leave your guests “puzzled” literally. I am not sure if the puzzle could be solved though!

The Keyboard Chair is yet another geeky design that is perfect for someone who works for a long time in front of the computers. This would help them to recline and relax.

The Wolfgang Keyboard Bench Design by Nolan Herbut is almost a piece of art. It would make you buy a real piano and start waltzing to great tunes.

The Geeky and Colorful Keyboard Chair is something that would be a great fit in a child’s room. Thanks to the bright colors, you could keep your children excited and happy…let alone Geeky 🙂

If you like playing pool and snooker, you really need to go ahead and get yourself the Sofa and Pool Table Transforming Furniture. When you are tired of relaxing, you could play pool, and when you are tired of playing pool, you could relax on the cool pool table.

Tetris Furniture

If you are a fan of this classic game, you would be surprised to know that Tetris has inspired several furniture designs already. Take a look at what we thought were the coolest.

tetris 1 furniture-design

The Tetris Furniture Design by Diego Silvério and Helder Filipov consists of pieces that are cool, colorful and functional. It would be a highly artistic and minimalist room that you would have, once you get them.

tetris 2 wall shelves

Tetris Wall Shelves is made for arranging books, CDs, and even artifacts if you are a fan of the game. What makes Tetris so cool is it is geometric and thus easy to create furniture.

This amazing 3D Tetris Game Chair may be just a design, but if it were real, it could be the main Gamer’s throne to seat guests who are known to love the game a lot. This would be a great conversation starter.

The Colorful Tetris Shelves Design provide a colorful alternative to any Geek room You could stash all your stuff in this shelf and play Tetris in the background.

tetris 5 game-table-design

The Tetris Table Design offers an “avant-garde” style in to their living rooms that still retains a geek style, as to make sure no one forgets who you are.

Here is yet another Tetris inspired Shelf design that would completely blow your mind away. It would allow you to arrange everything in your room in an order and hopefully declaring TETRIS!

Video Game Furniture

If you thought there was something missing from the realm of consoles, worry not. This cool PS3 Coffee Table is a cool way to make sure that you have a table that is inspired by your favorite console. It would be amazingly cool if you buy this for a PS3 fan.

Super Mario Furniture

This has to be the bomb, for there are shelves, tables and even lamp tables dedicated to the Super Mario bros. This line of furniture is colorful and could be a great way to make sure you have the best interior decor to deal with.

Star Wars Furniture

If you are a fan of Star Wars, you would easily find all the furniture that you ever wanted. These geeky Star Wars furniture below could be a great way to make sure you have something to pay tribute to your favorite sci-fi series.

The Han Solo Carbonite Desk looks like a million dollars and it sure is one of tho9se tables that is almost a work of art.

The Darth Vader Table is not exceptionally cool, but if you are a Star Wars fan, you just need to get something like this!

The Yoda Backlit Coffee Table could be used in nightclubs or the bar in your house, for it glows in the dark.

If you are tired and would like to sleep for a while, you should try and get yourself the AT-AT Imperial Walker Bed. Who knows, you might let the force flow through you!

Star Trek Chair

This Star Trek Chair is influenced by the character of Captain Kirk, and it just might take you to a place where you have never been before!

Pacman Furniture

If you like Tetris, chances are you also like Pacman. It is one of those classic games that we just can’t ignore. Here are some furniture inspired by Pacman.

The Puckman Bookcase is something that your visitors would be shocked to see. It is colorful and a great way to store books.

Pacman Sofa could be laid out in the living room, so that your visitors know how fanatical you are about this game.

Pacman Game Chair could be a great way to indulge in gaming session with the right feel and ambiance. It would take you back to the days of vintage games.

You could also try and look for other geeky furniture and if you can’t find them, get a designer to create them! However, you must be warned that commissioning a designer for furniture could be expensive.