13 Best Netflix Hacks & Hidden Channels & 24 ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Easter Eggs

Netflix has always been our friend—in down times and in times for bonding. With the latest television series these days, we can’t help but turn on the T.V. and watch that next episode about the final investigation of a crime scene. Without further ado, we want you to have the best Netflix experience of all times with the following Netflix hacks and ways to access hidden channels.

For more, if you’re A Series Of Unfortunate Events fan, we compiled a series of hidden Easter Eggs for you. So, if you’re a true Lemony Snicket fan, read on throughout till the end and find out the intriguing secrets. (If . . . you’re ready for spoilers of course.)

1. Netflix Roulette


Netflix Roulette is a miracle application through which you can pick actors, directors and even keywords to help manage your searches. So, if you are hoping for a random button so that you wouldn’t have to skim to over 4,000 titles, use this device to save most of your time.

2. End Buffering Time

Buffering time can be irritating, and it’s a good thing there are hacks to prevent a waste of time. To end the buffering time, while playing a title:

Computer users:

  • Hold down Shift + Opt or Shift + Alt for Windows
  • Left click to view a “hidden menu” or Stream Manager for buffering fixes and other options.
  • For more hacks for computer users, click here.

Chrome users:

  • Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Alt/Opt + S to access the menu.

Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3 users:

  • Go to the directional pad and click—up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up.

3. Computer Shortcuts

Netflix hacks can be as simple as knowing the computer shortcuts. The following are 5 keyboard shortcuts that will make your life much, much easier:

  • F – Full Screen
  • Esc – Exit Full Screen
  • PgDn – Pause, PgUp – Play
  • Shift + Right Arrow – Fast-forward, Shift + Left Arrow – Rewind
  • M – Mute

4. Customize Subtitles

If you consider yourself a foreign-film buff, but unfortunately, don’t own 20 versions of Rosetta Stone, subtitles is your foremost priority. To adjust Netflix subtitles according to font, size and color, all you need is to proceed to Your Account > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance.

5. Watch better Video Quality at the Right Time

According to a report by Digital Trends, the best time to watch Netflix is during off-peak hours when fewer people are basically not logged into the site. Finally, what a legit excuse to quit your work, stay home and watch some good quality Mr. Robot.

6. Optimize for HD

It’s important to make sure you are using your paid HD streaming. Not using it is a common problem for many Netflixers. Check out your streaming settings and proceed to Netflix.com/HdToggle to make sure you are ready for HD viewing. Be warned that if you use it outside Wi-Fi zones, it will destroy your data plan.

7. Rabbit

Rabbit is similar to Skype or FaceTime, the difference is you and your long-distance chat-mate can watch your favorite movies or shows during the video-chatting service. So basically, you can lurk into someone else’s viewing, and open another window to video chat and message each other.

8. If You Don’t Know What You’re Looking For , Consult Reddit

Reddit offers various recommendations and comments by active Netflixers. There are various film and television series mentioned and how the viewers stumbled across the notable titles. If you’re not in the mood to read them, here are some of the best Netflix series which are ranked.

9. Netflix Bible

What’s On Netflix is the key to find exactly what you’re looking for. The site has different kind of sub-genres; not just the simple ones like Romance or Action. Easy-to-use ID codes are also provided which can be added at the end of the provided Netflix URL. Read on below to know more about the Netflix URL and the ways to access it.

10. Netflix Enhancement Suite

Netflix Enhancement Suite is used to improve your binging. With this, your first attempt is to download the Netflix Enhancement Suite. It features a smorgasbord of vital add-ones in free package and one succinct. From pop-up ratings off of Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, IMDb profiles to trailers, once you will enhance, you would wonder how you ever used Netflix without it.

11. View Other Countries’ Netflix Movies

foreign movies

With viewing other countries’ Netflix movies, use an unblocker. It’s indeed frustrating to see TV shows that are not included in the country. Thankfully, we have unblockers such as Smartflix (FREE) and Media Hint (PAY FOR PLAY) to trick the site that you are located in another country which guarantees you a full access to hundred of new T.V. series. In addition, use and unblock at your own risk.

12. Request TV Shows & Movies to be added (Yes, you read that right)

So, were you thinking about that one TV show that you found somewhere on the internet yet unfortunately is nowhere to be seen on Netflix? Turns out Netflix has a big secret, and that is you can literally ask for any movie or TV show to be featured in the series. The request page hidden deep on Netflix’s website is life changing. Once you have submitted your request, you may receive an email with reasons that your request might not work.

13. Ways To Access Netflix Hidden Channels

Have you ever felt like you are spending more time just searching for movies, than actually spending time on watching? Here’s a trick: secret category codes.

In Netflix, there are two layers that would allow viewers to access categories of content. With the official menu, it features a search option and navigate through channels. As this is great if you would know the kind of channel to watch, unfortunately, there is too much available content that we can get lost and it needs a break down option. Having said that, “hidden” genre is needed.

To break down a content by genre, manually enter the URL below:


By typing it down, replace the CHANNEL with a code which would take you to a number of genre of movies:

  • 9584 – Crime Action & Adventure
  • 10702 – Spy Action $ Adventure
  • 7700 – Westerns
  • 10118 – Comic Book and Superhero Movies
  • 7442 – Adventures
  • 2125 – Military Action & Adventure
  • 8985 – Martial Arts Movies

If you would like to take your time to build your own list of categories of sub-genres by changing the number that can be seen at the end of the URL, go ahead. Thanks to Gizmodoa full list of movie codes are available here.

Though not all of the said codes work, which is not surprising given the hidden strategy of the feature. Nevertheless, it is fun to turn up a few obscure films that you might find interesting or not have yet discovered. On the other hand, the way Netflix organizes its content and the purpose of these categories will definitely save a lot of your time thanks to the strategy of hidden channels.

Netflix ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Hidden Easter Eggs

netflix hidden easter eggs

There are various of Easter Eggs that you have probably missed in A Series of Unfortunate Events. The book series is indeed composed of wordplay, sly literary references, and other little hints which made the book a pleasant experience.

Great news, it’s the same as the Netflix T.V. show.

The author of the book series, Daniel Handler, wrote the script for the T.V. show. He made it with the same detail-filled and mischievous spirit. The first season of the show adopts the first four of the series 13 books about the Baudelaire orphans which are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, trying to escape the clutches of evil Count Olaf. The episode includes numerous secret organizations, locales, and references to characters we won’t see until later in the series.


Episodes 1 & 2 – The Bad Beginning

netflix easter eggs

  • The other’s a little lemony,” stated by the Hook-Handed Man to Olaf that is about buttercream icing.
  • There are signs with the names: Cathedral Of The Alleged Virgin, Snicket, Quagmire, Spats, Julienne, Strauss, Montgomery, and many more in the secret tunnels.
  • When Count Olaf stated, “Although I can’t seem to find the sugar bowl,” and missing his sugar bowl.
  • Behind The Marvellous Marriage is found to be an anagram of “Count Olaf.”
  • Gustav’s last words, “The world is quiet here,” to Jacquelyn are considered the group’s de facto motto and a VFD code phrase.
  • The spyglass which many characters have the eye-shaped V.F.V. logo.
  • There appeared a 667 Dark Avenue from The Ersatz Elevator in different locations from next episodes during Lemony Snicket’s montage at the end.
  • “Volunteer Fire Department,” mentioned by Lemony Snicket up front.

 Episode 3 & 4 – The Reptile Room

netflix easter eggs

  • Zombies In The Snow itself is an Easter Egg, it could be.
  • The piano that Beudelaire parents and Gustave were locked in could be in the Denoument, Hotel, or in the Ersatz Elevator.
  • Jacquelyn produced a harpoon gun at the end of the episode, and he wins. The weapon is wielded repeatedly all throughout the series; Count Olaf is indeed afraid of it.
  • The references to VFD which the opening credits of Zombies in the Snow stated Vitiated Film Distribution Presents a Film by Gustav Sebald.”

Episode 5 & 6 – The Wide Window


  • The name that can be seen in this souvenir shop Memento Mori, it’s the Latin phrase meaning ‘remember you will die.’
  • The author of the Series of Unfortunate Events, David Handler makes a cameo while the vendor selling fish walks at the outdoor market.
  • When the waiter at the Anxious Clown, Larry, stated “I didn’t realize this was a sad occasion.”
  • The references to VFD:
    – When the vendor woman in the market is selling “Very Fresh Dill.”
    – The advertisement at a sign in a shop window that says “Vastly Flavorful Desserts.”
    – When the Quagmire parents decode Very Far Distant telegram.” 

Episode 7 & 8 – The Miserable Mill


  • Mr. Mrs. Quagmire meets an unfriendly refrigerator repair-person which could be a subtle allusion to Verbal Fridge Dialogue. The question is, could be that the unfriendly repair person be a reference to Verbal Fridge Dialogue?
  • The outline of Vice Principal Nero (violin-playing villain) can be seen through a window. Klaus and Snicket reference the name Nero as well..
  • The mysterious parents are known to be Mrs. and Mr. Quagmire whose children are soon to befriend the Baudelaires in a later book.
  • The phrase “If there’s nothing up there, then what was that noise?” that is asked by Count Olaf disguise as Shirley. It is similar to the phrase in VFD recruitment phrase, “If there’s nothing out there, then what was that noise?” 
  • When Snicket interrupts to insist viewers to stop watching and imagine the story’s happy ending instead saying, “Pretend the woman at the door is the Duchess of Winnipeg and she’s come to throw the Baudelaires a pony party at her chateau.”

    Some of the editions of Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography features a reversible book jacket that comes with a mock cover for a fake and alternative-universe series of books entitled The Luckiest Kids in the World by Loney M. Setnick. The Pony Party is the first volume’s title.
  • At the end of the series when Baudelaires were waiting in the Prufrock Preparatory School lobby, it can be seen that the silhouette of a figure is playing a violin through an office window. The silhouette belongs to Vice Principal Nero, who could not play the violin but insists on playing so anyway.
  • Isadora Quagmire (writer) is reading a book about Female Finnish Poems. Duncan (researcher) is taking notes, and Quigley (aspiring cartographer) is looking at a globe.
  • The references to VFD:
    – Violet and Sunny find an inscription from their father inside a Verified Functional Dictionary.
    – When Charles stated, “But I can tell you they are just on the other side of that Very Fancy Door.”
    – When Mr. Quagmire stated, There are fires all around us, figuratively and literally.”
    – When Mrs. Quagmire stated, “It’s time we mount a Vigorous Fire Defense.”