13 Ridiculously Cool Face Mask Bandanas and Neck Gaiters

In a time of a pandemic and spread of a potentially deadly virus, we all have to be protected when we step out of our homes. With the decreasing available supply of medical-grade surgical masks, we all have to be creative during this time. So, how about using cool face mask bandanas instead?

With the use of cool face mask bandanas, you can get the opportunity to show your fashion and still look good and stand out while making sure that you are protected from getting the virus. On top of that, since this piece of clothing stretches from below the eyes to the neck, it would help a lot in avoiding touching our faces. Helpful, right?

Also, in other instances that you do not need protection (i.e. when you’re at home) you can also use it as a bandana, as a wrist band, a neck wrap among other uses. Just makes this piece of clothing cooler.

Just take note that these cool face mask bandanas on Etsy, while a helpful piece of clothing, are not medical grade. Etsy gives more information about this on their site. Surgical and N95 masks would still provide better protection if you can

If you’re still keen to take a look at the cool face mask bandanas on Etsy, here are some of them:

1) Cute French Bulldog Cloth Face Mask / Neck Gaiter

Are you a proud fur parent of a french bulldog? Or just a lover of dogs in general? Either way, this French bulldog design for a face cover or neck gaiter would be fitting for you. This French bull dog-designed neck gaiter is made of a breathable fabric that is 95% polyester and 5% elastane. It is also a four-way stretch fabric that allows you to stretch it crosswise and lengthwise.

2) American Flag Love Made to Order Men’s All Over Print Neck Gaiters

Fancy displaying your love for America? Then, this is the face mask/neck gaiter for you! When used as a face mask, this American flag-designed fabric could help you avoid catching respiratory droplets onto your face. Check this out and other designs here.

3) Black with Red Hearts Cute Designer Face Mask/ Neck Gaiter

Want something girly and hearty? Then, this is the neck gaiter for you. This breathable fabric is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. Get this heart-filled neck gaiter here.

4) Star Wars Vader Troops Face Mask/ Neck Gaiter for Men

How about having a neck gaiter that displays what you’re geeking about. If you’re one of the many Star Wars fans, this Darth Vader neck gaiter could be something you could consider. This Etsy seller also offers various Star Wars designs, such as stormtrooper, sith trooper, death trooper, Reven, and Kylo Ren.

5) Merino Wool Face Mask Neck Gaiter for Women and Men Black

Eyeing for something simple and plain? Here’s a plain black neck gaiter. This protective clothing is made of merino wool, which quickly absorbs moisture from your face. For now, it would help protect you from catching the virus, but in the future, it can also be used for skiing and snowboarding.

6) Fiori Botanici Neck Gaiter

Are floral designs your kind of fashion? Then, you may want to consider this Fiori Botanici neck gaiter.

7) Video Game Lover Neck Gaiter

Are you a gamer geek? Even during this time of social distancing and limited socializing, you can still flaunt your love and geekery of video games with your protective wear. This neck gaiter for gamers is handmade and is made of a shrink resistant polymer cloth. You can check it here.

8) Traditional Japanese Patterns on Neck Gaiter for Men and Women

Meanwhile, if you’re someone who’s into patterns, maybe you would like this Japanese pattern designed for a neck gaiter?

This neck gaiter, which also doubles as protective clothing, is made of recycled polyester with added Lycra, that allows the fabric to become stretchable. The cloth is silky smooth to the touch and is treated with an odor-resistant coating and guarantees UPF50+ protection, too.

This Etsy seller also offers other various pattern designs, which you can check out here.

9) Super-Cute Kawaii Cat Pink Hearts Multi-use Neck Gaiter For Women

Cats are cute and sweet creatures and can’t blame you if you love them. If you do, it’s also a good opportunity to grab a neck gaiter with cute cat designs. This kawaii munchkin cat pink neck gaiter is made of polyester and can serve not only as face protection but can also serve as a hair wrap or bandana.

10) Baby Yoda Reusable Face Masks / Neck Gaiter

Are you a Star Wars fan who is now fond of Baby Yoda merchandise? Who can blame you, look at those eyes! If you do like Baby Yoda, you’re in luck as you can wear this Baby Yoda neck gaiter/ face mask in the upcoming occasions that you’ll leave the house.

11) Pink-Colored Baby Yoda Face Mask/ Neck Gaiter

Looking for a more feminine-designed baby Yoda design? Yup, there’s one for that want, too. Check it out here.

12) Beige Reusable Bandana/Neck Gaiter

Again for those looking for simple and plain-colored face protective clothing, here’s one: a beige-colored face-covering / neck gaiter. This bandana face mask is made of two layers of soft, lightweight fabric, which is a combination of elastane and viscose. This face mask is also available in black, gray, purple, and blue.

13) Pink Face Mask/Neck Gaiter

Want something bright and feminine? How about this pink raid dyed neck gaiter/face mask? The fabric of this neck gaiter is UPF 50+ rated and is soft, lightweight, and quick-drying. The seller also offers other designs and patterns, such as leopard tie-dye, rainbow tie-dye, floral stamp kiwi, retro floral, and tropical violet. You can check them all here.

Have you also copped face mask bandanas for yourself? If you have protective face clothing with interesting designs or those that are creatively made, we at Walyou would love to see them, too! Share in the comments below.

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