Unlock your car with your cell phone!

We have heard of a nice trick to unlock your car using your cellphone. If you lock your keys in the car, whoever has the other set of keys may unlock it for you. The second person points the car remote to a phone and presses unlock, while the first holds their phone next to the vehicle. This will unlock the car for the one locked out.

For some people this has worked, while others argued it does not. We tried it with a Toyota Corolla, using Nokia cellphones and it worked. Try it and let us know if it works for you…if it did or didn’t, what phones and vehicles was it tried with, and the distance. Help us solve this mystery, and we will compile a list with successful combinations for others to view.

We found a few video demonstrations of this trick, watch one below.

5 thoughts on “Unlock your car with your cell phone!

  1. The Walyou Team Post author.

    superstuper: We know it is hard to believe and we have no proof but it truly worked for us (With a Nokia and a Toyota Corolla). It is possible it depends on more factors than just both brands (Type of locking mechanism, etc…).

  2. superstuper.

    After watching the vid ,, I second that, completly full of shit rofl, hey while your at it get a tennis ball with a hole in it(ala mythbusters)that work for sure, better yet a hammer will pop that baby right open ha ha ha lol

  3. superstuper.

    You are moron, how would this possibly work. Your phone is not gonna send out radio freq. from your key chain remote.


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