Blog Day is coming!

On August 31st, 2007 Walyou
will join many world-wide in the
celebration of Blog Day. This is
a wonderful experience, for it is
a time for Bloggers throughout
the world to pay respect to other
Bloggers. On this specific day,
participants will post their top
5 favorite Blogs for all their visitors to see. In turn this will allow readers to leap around and discover new, unknown Blogs. Since this happens only once a year, please check back for our personal list. Who knows? you may discover a new Blog, or find out we read the same ones as you. Our personal recommendations will be presented with their links and a brief description.

If you are also a Blogger that celebrates Blog Day, please send us a link. We would like to view your recommendations as well.

Thank You!
For more information please check out Blog Day and Technorati.