Introducing Walyou Deals: Save Money on Cool Gadgets & Tech

Here, at Walyou, we eat and breathe gadgets and technology, but are fully aware of the fact that being an early adopter or simply buying all the gadgets geeks want could turn out rather expensive. That’s why we are super excited to announce today that we are launching a new Walyou Deal section. On Walyou deals you will find incredible time-limited deals on gear, eLearning bundles and Web services, among many other categories.

Walyou Deals is meant to become the shortest path between geeks and the tools they need, It has huge savings on all kinds of cool gadgets regardless if we’re talking about everyday carry, hi-tech audio and video equipment, or software and online services. The ultimate goal is to provide relevant solutions to modern needs, at a fraction of the full price.

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The products featured on Walyou Deals are neatly organized into several categories: eLearning ,Gear + Gadgets ,Software ,Lifestyle ,Design Assets, Web Services.

To make sure that everything is structured properly, each of the categories listed above includes several sub-categories, and just in case you’re not able to find right away what you’re looking for, a Search function is provided, for increased convenience.

One of the categories what will surely spark the interest of many geeks visiting our site is Gear + Gadgets, which brings under the same umbrella such products as drones, power banks, headphones and other audio equipment, gaming accessories, mobile devices, and accessories for all of the aforementioned items.

If you’re one of the geeks eager to learn new things all the time, then it’s the eLearning category that you’ll soon call home. Here you’ll find course bundles that cover everything from JavaScript and Office suites to Android coding and viral marketing training. These could be used by the ones who are just getting started in an industry, or who want to improve their skills and knowledge in a particular domain. Either way, getting a course bundle at less than 5% of the full price isn’t something geeks could overlook.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Giveaways, where you can enter to win fantastic items such as smart home systems, hoverboards, gaming laptops or tech essentials. Keep in mind that each giveaway comes with some official rules, and respecting them is mandatory both for entering the sweepstakes and winning the prize. On top of that, freebies such as icon packs and courses are offered regularly.

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