How to repair scratched CDs and DVDs with toothpaste

Next time you receive reading errors when trying to listen to a CD or watch a DVD, try polishing it with toothpaste. This may not work every time, but has been told to help more than a few. Instead of spending money on outside tools or remedies, you are able to use toothpaste, which is always within our reach at our home. Simply an easy way how you may fix scratched CDs and DVDs.

Via: Hardware Secrets, Lifehacker

9 thoughts on “How to repair scratched CDs and DVDs with toothpaste

  1. Ms. Cruz.

    I know of the pickle method. its the combination of the pickle texture,vineger, mixed with the paste makes it set up in the scratches better and lasts longer. You just have to make sure that you dont use sweet pickles. Your also supposed to blow dry immidietly afterwards.

  2. jf.

    I have found that if you cut a pickle in half put tooth paste on it and go in a cirlce motion rapidly works almost every time. I didnt come up with this on my own. A college room mate showed me.

  3. slowblinker.

    It would have been nice to be informed as to what type of “polishing” method we should use. Do you go in a circle, from the center to the outside in a straight line, etc.

    I thought that by going in a circle (the way the lens reads) could damage the inside of the grooves.

  4. Neece.

    I wonder if it should be noted that you really need to use the paste variety as opposed to a gel type of toothpaste?
    My husband collects firearms and he learned that old fashioned plain paste toothpaste is an excellent substance for buffing out scratches and the like.
    I haven’t tested this but it is something to keep in mind. Perhaps if it was tried on a throwaway cd first?


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