Space Invaders Ad for Mouthwash

Space Invaders have invaded our lives in many different ways since those hours we spent on the old Atari Gaming Console (if we can actually call it that). Since then, they have appeared in different New Gadgets, Toys, Designs and now also in a Mouthwash Ad.

In this Space Invaders Mouthwash Ad from AdsoftheWorld, the Space Invaders are being attacked by the mouthwash and stating Game Over. It may not have much to do with the actual Classic Game, but it is great to see the popularity of such a nostalgic and simple game receiving such use.

For additional designs, art projects and uses of the little aliens, check out the rest of the Space Invaders.

2 thoughts on “Space Invaders Ad for Mouthwash

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  2. Ryan.

    This is great, it reminds me of the old Atari game Plaque Attack. I logged many hours of that game as a wee lad. Then there was Burgertime. Good times, good times.


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